Month: May 2016

Broken Face (Inspired Poetry)

The time has come again, for me to be amused by my muse 😋;)
This one is inspired by Sarah’s sketch titled Broken Face – you should see the sketch to have a better idea behind my poem.
Please have a look at her blog and her beautiful sketches! 😄💜

They broke my wings,
Left me incapable of flying,
Yet when they desired a display,
They demanded, I should soar high!

They broke my heart,
And let me cry over its pieces,
But when they ordered,
I had to hide those tears inside.

They broke my spirit
Leaving me distraught.
No mercy I expected off them
And they didn’t disappoint.

With every piece of mine that fell,
I crumbled like a damaged figurine.
The only part left of me now, which you behold,
Are the sealed lips, enclosing veiled mysteries of my life.



Beyond the horizon

Sharing with you today, the poem of mine which was published on The Oak Wheel.

Beyond the horizon!


Far across the meadows,
Crossing over fences and brooks
I tread over rock and sand
And desire to cross my threshold.

Looking at those meek birds 
Fly high soaring in the sky
I see them rising steadily
Uncaged and breathing in freedom.

The step I plan to take now
Will change the course of my life.
If I stay within the boundaries,
I’ll stay confined, all my life.

I crossed it, aware of the consequences,
Unaware about where it will lead,
I need to see further, widen the scope of my vision,
Reach for the sky and stars, lying beyond the horizon.


Nature’s wrath.

The last couple of days, have been quite strange. Readying things for my children for the upcoming academic year has kept me too busy. With new books and the task of covering them with brown sheets, taking up my energies, I was exhausted.

My reading was also going slow. Finally today I did finish reading Inferno. Next might be one from the Alex Cross series by James Patterson or maybe as Lion and Sarah suggested, a book of Dean Koontz.

If you have read Inferno by Dan Brown, you might remember a line in it which implies, “Nature has its own ways of culling the population which is growing at an alarming rate.”

The main context of the book is about fanatic approach of few who believe what they think and do is right, the majority’s denial of the fact that humans might just reach a stage of extinction, the advances made in science and technology, especially genetic engineering and depopulation!

You wonder why I am saying this??

Well, today as I crept towards the end of the book, I happened to see a few pictures on the internet. And I realized how nature is unpredictable.

We were at home yesterday when strong winds blew, there was dust all around. And then it started raining. It rained heavily and there was electricity power cut for hours. We really weren’t aware of the extent of damage done by the winds, rather gales that wrecked havoc in the city! You can have a look here!







And these are just a few moving around on social media. As per the newspaper today morning, about 197 to 200 trees were uprooted! Electric poles and hoardings were dislodged.

So in case I don’t seem to be around, just pray that we all are kept safe.

May the Lord save and protect us, forgive us for our countless sins and have mercy on us!

Take care!
Love and best wishes!

My journey with RL!

As the countdown to the reopening of school has started ticking, I am trying hard to complete a few more books which I was planning to read since long. A few I picked up unplanned, and more got added to my TBR. Well, it just keeps swelling every few days. I wish I were a fast reader. Yet I love to read and sometimes re-read books!

Last couple of days, in spite of being busy here and there, I am trying my best to re-read Dan Brown’s Inferno. I’ve read it earlier and enjoyed the whole trip with the symbologist Robert Langdon. But when I saw the movie trailer on youtube, I felt as though the whole thing had just vanished from my memory. 😱😱
So you know, I just had to read it again.

The end is probably set somewhere in my mind, still while I am reading it and pursuing the Shadow with Robert, it feels like a new journey all along.

There are a few lines which I came across till now – yes I’m still reading it!! Actually this is the worst reading of mine, I’d say, because every time I pick a Dan Brown book, I finish it in 3 days! So rereading has actually made me lazier I guess! 😒😒

Anyways, this is one line which struck me.


And the other, the most striking one of this book of DB is this!


I have about half the book left to read. I’m at the church where Robert and Sienna come looking for Dante’s mask. The death mask!
Wanna know more? Read it sweetheart! 😄😁

Actually, you know what, nothing is popping or running in my brain and so I am just annoying you all with my gibberish posts!! 😁

So, back to Inferno or my world of Dreamo! 😋😋

Stay happy and blessed!!

What do I say!

How is everyone? How was the weekend? How has the week begun for you? Mine was reallllllly great!! You know why!! 😁

I’m so glad to be back to this world of my friends and words. There was a feeling of a missing part these days and that seems found, when I started reading the posts which I had missed. Wow! Feels like connected back to everyone.

My weekend was quite hectic. My siblings-in-law ( I really hope that can be said, as it includes my husband’s brother and his sister! 😋) are back in Hyderabad and planning to settle down. Now that includes giving finishing touches to their newly constructed houses and admissions in schools. Such a hard task those things are!! 😯😯

I had a walk down the memory lane, seeing them apprehensive, concerned about which school to apply to, which mode of transport to use, which blah, which blah-blah!! :?:?

They are ready to put them in the most expensive schools, most expensive automobiles, decorate with lavish chandeliers and tapestries and other such things. Now I was quite happy to see them doing it, as I know how hard it is to transform a house into a home.

The whole experience suddenly seemed awkward and sheer foolishness, when I was told, that they are experimenting!
What??? 😱😱😱
You need to experiment if you can stay back in your own country? 😮😮😒😒
I mean buying houses of some seven figures, getting admissions into BIG NAME schools, and all that, is just an experiment!!

Reminded me of the NASA and others, experimenting about life on MARS, yet can’t provide food and water to those living on EARTH!

I got nothing to do dude, your money, your wishes, save it, keep it, tear it off or burn it away, it’s your call! Good luck!!

Just disappoints me to see that a poor mother sells off one child of hers, to get some meagre amount to buy food for the other children.
A poor farmer commits suicide, due to the destroyed crops and the huge amount of loan he has to pay. Scores of girls are waiting to get married, as the demand for dowry is increasing.
Maybe we can’t help everyone, but just maybe, with a little compassion, we could realize, if He has blessed us with luxuries, it is fair to use them for our well being. But we do need to keep a tab on what we do for the needy. That too will be questioned!

For at the end of this whole life on earth, we all have to settle our accounts with Him!!

With hope and prayers for all those around us. With lots of love and best wishes, here’s SFR signing off!!
Stay happy and blessed all! 😘😍😄😄

36 colors of Rainbow! :)

Hello everyone!
There is something i wanted to share….. But I didn’t know how to announce this.

My amazing friend here, Josh, just made it easy for me to announce to all my friends here. My first step.

I may stumble and grumble
I may fall and fumble
But I know, unless I take the step,
I’ll never know, where my flight will take!

Thank you everyone as each one of you is special to me!
Lots of love!!

Chai & Biscuits

36 colors of Rainbow! 🙂
36 colors of Rainbow or 36 shades of love, it is an amazing magical carpet weaved brilliantly, which takes us into the magical journey called LOVE&PAIN through verses. I always believe that Love is or should be left undefined, which only helps the artist to keep defining what LOVE is all about. In other words, it is always a Work-In-Progress, and you have done it brilliantly, capturing the quintessence of the magical word/world LOVE!
Now my personal favorites are the followings
7. Let’s walk in the rain!
14. If Love is…
21. How long do I wait?
22. I will be your lover!
29. The last dance in the rain!
Among those chosen 5, the last dance in the rain remains special. This is your first dance into the worlds of publications, the stage is set, dance gracefully. Wishes 🙂

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