Month: August 2017


This week seems like one burdensome and soul-breaking experience. 

While the nation prepared to celebrate the 71st Independence Day, we were struck by the Gorakhpur incident (or shall we refer to it as the infant massacre!).

Yesterday while I sat watching the cultural programmes at school, it ended with a tragedy that struck home! At 10:30 am IST I was informed by husband that his father was no more. I was so overcome with emotions that I just burst into tears. He had been sick for quite some time, yet we weren’t prepared for it! Quickly my colleagues sent me off home and each passing moment made me break a little more!

Today as we sit with tears in eyes, I realize how unpredictable life is! 

Life is never a simple walk, it’s a race wherein hurdles keep coming, cropping up. Sometimes we cross over them while at other times we stumble and fall. We get wounded, we get scarred, but if there is life within we rise up. If life is no more a companion, you lie there till you are carried away by people who call themselves our friends and family.

Death is a truth, a fact glaring back at you. It stares at you in the eyes, challenging you to defy it. It sniggers at you to see how far you’ll run from it, while it comes and takes you in its dark, cold and deathly embrace!

The only thing that remains or stays back once you’re in death’s clutches is your memories. Memories of words you said, actions and reactions you gave, good or bad whatever you’ve done! 

As these thoughts keep swirling in my mind, I wish there were more happy memories I could have created with him. I wish there were more jokes I cracked with him. I wish there was more I could do for him – the man who I called Abba, my father in-law!! 

Alas! Words are just useless. Mere letters when you’ve lost against the overpowering Death!

So whenever and wherever you are, try to create more beautiful memories with everyone around you. Value life and people you have in life. You never know who would be gone the next moment while you wish for time! Give love to those elders of yours who wait with teary eyes, be patient with those parents who have patiently sacrificed and struggled for your sake! Fill your backpack with moments that you spent with your dad or mom!

Every soul has to face death! So just think of the road ahead and start collecting those precious gems called memories.

Stay blessed and happy!



Exciting news! 

The Balloon Girl is the second work of mine which has been selected for publication. 

Extremely happy and excited about it! I am really thankful to the all my friends who motivated me to start writing and have appreciated my work. And here I’m today!!

Once it is ready, will share the links to place your order! Hope you will like it!