Beyond the horizon

Sharing with you today, the poem of mine which was published on The Oak Wheel.

Beyond the horizon!


Far across the meadows,
Crossing over fences and brooks
I tread over rock and sand
And desire to cross my threshold.

Looking at those meek birds 
Fly high soaring in the sky
I see them rising steadily
Uncaged and breathing in freedom.

The step I plan to take now
Will change the course of my life.
If I stay within the boundaries,
I’ll stay confined, all my life.

I crossed it, aware of the consequences,
Unaware about where it will lead,
I need to see further, widen the scope of my vision,
Reach for the sky and stars, lying beyond the horizon.



12 thoughts on “Beyond the horizon

  1. I get such a beautiful and precise imagery out of this, this poem is so perfect in words, in lines, in beauty, in everything! Nice One! – Cezane

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