Month: February 2016

Me – the fake or real?


Clad in an exquisite dress,
Revealing more, concealing less,
Charged more than you could guess,
I walk out, as though I’ve got nothing to stress!

Long boots till knees or calf of mine,
They hug my feet, with heels highly fine,
They are a symbol and mark of my status,
At night, in pain I coil as a fetus.

With long scarves and exclusive bags,
I carry those with Gucci or Chanel tags.
Copying those who are splattered on those mags,
With dreams to ride in Chevs, BMWs and Jags.

Why do I get ready? For those who see me?
Or for my own self? Am I caged or am I free?
When I need to look like what they want me to!
When I am known for looks and not what I do!



Quote Challenge Day 03

Greetings blogging world!

Today, I come to end the 3 Day Quote challenge. So here I go!

First of all, I would like to thanks strikedbypicness for nominating/challenging me to this. It has been really fun as always. Do check out her blog which is really fun, all along!
Rules are known to all, yet just a reminder of them.

The challenge rules:
1) Post in three consecutive days.
2) You can pick one or three quotes per day.
3) Challenge three different bloggers per day.


It is this message which makes me feel how the Creator wanted us to be, and makes me wonder how far have we got His message.
Where is Brotherhood, when one isn’t sensitive to own flesh and blood? Where is brotherhood, where humans are slaughtering one another? Where is humanity when men rape females, similar to their sisters/wives/daughters/others?

Where is humanity when blood is flowing like water in every country? Where is humanity when you can walk away from a child begging for food or water? Where is humanity when you are fine having a dinner in a lavish restaurant but find it so hard to help a poor man selling something? Where is humanity when you have eaten your full, and throw away food, while your neighbor and his children sleep without dinner?

Wars, politics, power, greed, lust, insensitivity, extravagance, etc! When these things are around, humanity finds it hard to survive! Please, please, think about keeping that flame or flicker alive, that ray of hope, that wisp of feeling, alive in you, of kindness, of humanity, of care, of love, of brotherhood, of sharing!
(I better stop…..else I could go on… And on.. And on…)

My nominees:
1. Mysterious mind of mine
2. SyedAjaz
3. Noorain Sobiya

Sorry about the ranting! Hope you all have a good day/evening ahead!
Lots of love and best wishes!


Quote Challenge Day 02

Hello bloggers!

I was nominated a few days back in the Quotes Challenge, by strikedbypicness. Her blogs are amazing so do check them out!!

The challenge rules:
1) Post in three consecutive days.
2) You can pick one or three quotes per day.
3) Challenge three different bloggers per day


I can happily and proudly say, here on WordPress each blogger I’ve met are leaders. They have really inspired me to dream more, to do more – make me write more, and become more – a better writer!

A huge thanks to all my followers and friends here, who are connected to me through This is my life!:)

The people I nominate today are:
1. My sweet artist friend – Miss Gentileschi
2. Rubeena Hakeem
3. Hira

Now, it is up to them to undertake or ignore it, ’cause of time constraints!
Thanks all again!
Lots of love and best wishes to all!


The tryst in the room

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night (wonder how do I greet you all, as we all are in different time zones 😋)!!
Anyways…. Hello blogging mates!! Just a little snippet here! Has this ever happened with you? 😋😂


I called up my husband while returning from work. I don’t usually call him as at that hour, as I believe he would be busy in his lectures. I was upset by some thing that had happened at my workplace and was really bugged! So, if in that situation I was calling him, it was a damn serious talk I wanted to have with him.

After a few rings, the phone is received. Controlling my anger I say, Hello!
On the other side, I hear a voice, nervous and low pitched, Hello! It’s the sound of a young boy.
Who is this? I ask surprised that it wasn’t him on the phone.
Whom do you want to talk to?
Where is X? I ask, wondering who it was, on the other end.
He’s not here, the voice replied.
Where is he? I ask annoyed ’cause I know my husband is not so careless to leave his phone with someone.
He is…… He is…. The voice mumbles.
Where is he? I shout into the phone angry.
He’s in the room!
I am erupting with rage! What room? I hiss with fury.
Inside the room…… Room….with……



My eyes open with a sudden jerk. As though they were programmed to flick, just at that time!
I rub my eyes and raise my eyebrows, and look around in front of me. All as it always is, in the room. I look to my left.

And there he is lying, sound asleep. All anger within me, I am filled with the desire to punch him hard. But, I just can’t!

Unable to control it, I push him hard! With a loud thud, he falls on the floor. Off the bed, onto the cold floor!
He gets up, rubbing his arms, Hey what happened? Did I just roll over?
How dare you? I shout at him.
He looks at me dazed, as if I had grown more heads on my neck!
What? What did I do? He says wincing with pain of the fall from bed.
How dare you go into a room?
What room? He asks with a baffled expression.
You got into a room with some ……. And allow some child to attend your calls….. My eyes start welling up, as I am unable to speak more words.
He gets on to the bed and creeps closer to me. He holds my hands, wipes my tears and with a tender smile on his face, he says, Honey, you were dreaming!!!


The girl in mirror


I look into the mirror
And stare at the illusion,
Is it me?
Or my eyes playing games?

I see a tired female form,
Looking dazed and alien
Her body seems lifeless,
Like another doll on shelf.

Those empty eyes stare back at me,
Those unmoving lips unable to pour
Out those words that form within her mind.
She’d learnt the lesson of life, the hard way!


Wonder by R.J. Palacio – Review

Sometimes, some books tell you a story in such a way that you become sensitive to those around you. You become thankful to things that you’ve got!
And for this I’ve got to thank my dear friend! You know who you are, right!! 😍😘

The book which I finished just now, about which I’m talking about is Wonder, by R.J. Palacio. This is her first book and it’s a wonderful work.


It’s the story of a boy, named August Pullman. Just another boy, being sent to school, by his overprotective parents. He is an adorable son with a little problem, the sun of the Pullman universe, as cited by his sister Olivia. The only reason or the problem with him, is his appearance. Not just a little different in his look. His face is so deformed that people can’t stop themselves from reacting. His face is deformed beyond imagination.

August Pullman is admitted into a regular school, by his parents, who hope he could live like another normal boy. To make him face the world, to make him emerge out of his home, where he has been homeschooled, they get him into Beecher Prep. The hardships faced by this little boy, those uncomfortable glances, those soft whispers behind his back, those piteous eyes, and the deceptive friendships, they all don’t deter him but make him stronger.

The lovely bond between mother and son, between a father and son, between an ever-loving and confused sister and brother, between friends, the transition as the months pass by, this book covers them all so beautifully. Each character seems so real. Be it, Via –  the sister, Jack the friend-turned-foe-turned-friend, Summer – the ever considerate girl, Julian – the spoilt brat, Justin – the sister’s boyfriend, Miranda – Via’s friend who wants to get popular, all of them are like those little kids around us who might be having their own little troubles and turmoils.

Many a times, in this world of grownups, we forget that children have their own demons to face and fight. Children have their own thoughts and fears, their own needs and wants, their own wishes and dreams. And we need to be there for them. They may not ask you to be there, but your being there might just be what they want.

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟& 💖!
Yes I give it a four star and a heart rating. A queery thing, right? 😂😂
The beginning was quite slow I felt, but that is compensated by the emotional content and the way it touched my heartstrings and so I award it the heart instead!! :):)

Ask me, and I would recommend it to every one above 11-12 years of age. It might just make you become a little more kinder, a little more humane.

To end my review I’d leave you with a line from the book, by Auggie.


If you’ve read it or plan to read it, please do share with me your opinion. Any suggestion too is welcome!


Quote Challenge Day 01

Hello blogging world!

I was nominated a few days back in the Quotes Challenge, by strikedbypicness. Her blogs are really interesting and humorous at times by her outlook towards life. Do check them out!!

The challenge rules:
1) Post in three consecutive days.
2) You can pick one or three quotes per day.
3) Challenge three different bloggers per day.

My quote for today:


** I will pick up one or three which I’ll share if I can get back again throughout the day. But will challenge only once! 😋

Day #1
1. Josh (can’t survive without pulling you! 😎😈)
2. Thoughts de MADsoul
3. Shabaz

Hoping these guys do join in at their convenience!
Till my thoughts start getting creative, bidding you farewell!
Lots of love!