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What are you reading?

Hello blogger-friends!

How is everyone these days? If you ask me, I am fine but terribly busy in work and work – home, school and home! Awfully hectic! And that’s one reason why I am unable to share or write up anything for the blog!
I really miss the time I could spend reading words shared by you all. Just keep wishing I could get back the days when I was able to spend time on the blog. Anyway I am hopeful as I plan today onwards to spend a few minutes and leave something or share some words with you all.

So, let’s talk about reading. What are you all reading these days? I was reading Gone with the Wind, but that was last Sunday and just finished a quarter of the book only! How about you all? What are you reading and what’s happening at your side?

Do let me know!

Take care.




The lesson he taught me! – Short Story

Greetings to everyone!

Today, I am not going to share a poem or a story by me. Neither am I going to share a book review. Today, I am using my blog to share a story by a young writer. This is the story by a grade 6 boy named Minaam Ali Akbara, of New Shams School, Bhatkal, Karnataka. Thank you Umri Sir for passing this to me! He’s an educationist and teacher trainer. I was lucky to be his student too. 😄

I hope you will find it apt to the world around us. Do share a word about it around or drop a comment so that I can pass it on to the boy and encourage him to keep writing!

Once upon a time there was a writer named Raghu.  Raghu used to walk to his office in the morning. Every day he noticed a young boy standing near the fence of the football court.

One day out of curiosity, Raghu walked towards the boy and asked him, “Why do you stand here every morning?” The boy replied, “I like the way these boys play and I love their shoes.” He quietly pointed at the boys playing in the court.

Raghu asked the boy, “What is your name? Which school do you go to?” Looking down at his uniform,  the boy said, “My name is Devraj and I go to Vidhya primary school. I live in Murdeshwar, near Basti.”

Raghu wanted to know more about him. Before he could ask any question, Devraj said, “I stay in a very small house. I have two sisters.” Raghu asked, “Do they go to school too?”

Devraj nodded affirming and said one of his sisters went to school.  Raghu asked him about his ambitions. Devraj smiled. “One day I want to play football and wear the shoes those boys are wearing,” he said softly, pointing at the boys in the court.

Raghu looked at the Nike and Adidas shoes worn by the boys who belonged to rich families.  Raghu looked at Devraj’s feet and was surprised. He said, “Your shoes are also nice and new!”

Devraj felt embarrassed and remained silent for sometime. Then he said, “These I got from garbage box near the road.” Raghu became confused.  As though noticing his expression, Devraj spoke up, “Today morning, a rich kid was annoyed at his father for he didn’t like the colour of his shoes.  I was looking at them. After sometime, the kid threw these shoes in the garbage angrily and walked away with his dad.”

Raghu felt extremely sad. Devraj seemed to be very guilty of what he did. Raghu was moved by the fact revealed by Devraj, and said, “I pray that one day you will get brand new shoes bought by the money you earn yourself.” Devraj smiled.

Next day in the newspaper, Devraj saw his name and read the article which was written by a man named Raghu. Devraj knew he was the same man whom he had spoken to, the previous day. The article in the newspaper was about how rich kids fail to value things they have, while poor kids crave for them.



Download The Balloon Girl – Free – this weekend on Kindle!

Hello everyone!

My second book is now available on Amazon – and 

The surprise I have for you all here is that the eBook on Kindle is now available for free! Yes, today and tomorrow midnight (Indian Standard Time) my book The Balloon Girl is for $0.

Download and share about it. Please do remember to drop review on amazon, goodreads and your blog to show your support. 😄😄

I would appreciate the support. 
Lots of love. 

Best wishes for all!

Syeda FR

Love is in your arms! – Short story

Hello all…

I am in a reflective mode today…. Maybe you all could help me out.

I just had someone tell me that I should try to write Thrillers and not Romance.
I love reading Thrillers but writing one, I feel just may not be my cup of tea! So here I am, asking you if I should continue with Romance or think over this. What do you say?

Please drop in a message and share your views with me.

Lots of love,

Syeda F.R.

I was heaving as I had run around the block looking for someone I knew, some face that would look known. In this city of unknown, I was filled with a strange fear. Every passing man seemed to be a demon lurking in the darkness, waiting to pounce on me. Waiting for the bait to fall in his clutch.

I had come miles away from home to meet him. I was not going to come so close and get lost in this labyrinth. He had told me that he would come to pick me up. The more he delayed coming, the more my heart thudded aloud in the cage of bones. I had come to tell him the truth. The little fact of my life. The fact that I had long hidden within my heart. I didn’t know what he was going to say, what his feelings and thoughts were…

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How excited I am!! :D

Greetings Bloggers-world!

As promised in the previous post, I am here to share with you all something really special.

Any guesses????

Well… I am too excited to wait for your answers dearies, so please let me share the news……..

My second book, The Balloon Girl, has been taken up by Woven Words Publishers and will soon hit the stores, mostly online though 😉

Here is a look at the cover……


Do share and spread word!! 🙂

I will soon be sharing the links to order via and and any other platform for you to order it.

Super excited me! 😀

Thanks all for your love and best wishes. Without you all I wouldn’t have had the courage and confidence to fulfill my dreams! 🙂


Syeda F. R.


This week seems like one burdensome and soul-breaking experience. 

While the nation prepared to celebrate the 71st Independence Day, we were struck by the Gorakhpur incident (or shall we refer to it as the infant massacre!).

Yesterday while I sat watching the cultural programmes at school, it ended with a tragedy that struck home! At 10:30 am IST I was informed by husband that his father was no more. I was so overcome with emotions that I just burst into tears. He had been sick for quite some time, yet we weren’t prepared for it! Quickly my colleagues sent me off home and each passing moment made me break a little more!

Today as we sit with tears in eyes, I realize how unpredictable life is! 

Life is never a simple walk, it’s a race wherein hurdles keep coming, cropping up. Sometimes we cross over them while at other times we stumble and fall. We get wounded, we get scarred, but if there is life within we rise up. If life is no more a companion, you lie there till you are carried away by people who call themselves our friends and family.

Death is a truth, a fact glaring back at you. It stares at you in the eyes, challenging you to defy it. It sniggers at you to see how far you’ll run from it, while it comes and takes you in its dark, cold and deathly embrace!

The only thing that remains or stays back once you’re in death’s clutches is your memories. Memories of words you said, actions and reactions you gave, good or bad whatever you’ve done! 

As these thoughts keep swirling in my mind, I wish there were more happy memories I could have created with him. I wish there were more jokes I cracked with him. I wish there was more I could do for him – the man who I called Abba, my father in-law!! 

Alas! Words are just useless. Mere letters when you’ve lost against the overpowering Death!

So whenever and wherever you are, try to create more beautiful memories with everyone around you. Value life and people you have in life. You never know who would be gone the next moment while you wish for time! Give love to those elders of yours who wait with teary eyes, be patient with those parents who have patiently sacrificed and struggled for your sake! Fill your backpack with moments that you spent with your dad or mom!

Every soul has to face death! So just think of the road ahead and start collecting those precious gems called memories.

Stay blessed and happy!