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Why Me! (6)

“Excuse me, Sir! It is time to close the cafe!” the waitress interrupted Erin.
He raised his head slowly and smiled. My heart smiled a million times in that moment.

“Oh! We’re so sorry! Cmon Anna, let’s leave!” He said while he rose from the chair.
“Noooo!” I shouted out. He looked at me confused. “I mean, not until you promise me that you will tell the rest of it! Tonight!”

He was certainly amused at my behavior. I didn’t care. I had a terrible tendency, impatience. I was not someone to wait for the next episodes so I rarely watched the soaps and dramas on television. Even the books I read, were usually completed by me in a day or two, maximum.

And this, the Story of Erin! I couldn’t wait for it. And with Erin, I was always nervous, any moment he could turn into that Unbearable Mode of his.

“Alright Anna! Let’s move from here,” he said taking long strides towards the exit. I followed behind him quickly.
When we were outside, the night had gone darker. The ambience was as serene as it could be on a Friday. The day the world waits eagerly for, to welcome two days of relief and dread another traumatic week ahead.

When we walked a few steps, with me striding along him, I asked,”What happened that day, Erin?”
He looked at me, gestured towards a bench inside a children’s park.

I walked with him and we occupied the bench. There were other couples out, having a romantic moment. We quietly sat. It looked as though he was testing my patience. He smiled and finally began.

“That day,on the 15th of April, when I saw her walk in that beautiful white laced gown, my heart jumped from its place. Her dress was as delicate as the strings of a music instrument. Each sequin added its shine to make her look divine. The chiffon and netted full sleeves, her long white trail, with small soft white flowers attached, the diamond necklace on her white skin, her blond hair, with its big curls falling on her shoulder. Ohh Anna! She was the epitome of divinity, of beauty, a dream woman of any man.

When I saw her walk down the aisle, her thin arm interlinked with her father’s, a huge white flowers bouquet in hand, I knew I had been the most foolish man who walked on the earth. I had just taken her for granted. I had been running behind the fake glittering pieces of plastic, and lost out on the diamond which destiny had given to me. Sometimes we are so blinded, we lose that which heaven has bestowed on us.

Watching her move towards Alan, her good looking, handsome groom, made me break with each step she took. She was smiling, but I knew her pain now, as the same pain was now in me. I could hear my heart call out to her, and suddenly my eyes were unable to see her clearly. When I blinked my eyes, tear drops fell which had clouded my eyes. I wiped the tears off.
I looked at her. She was surrounded by all and she had a smile on her face. When suddenly her eyes landed on me, I could see her expression change. The pain which her eyes had and which I felt only now.

It was too late. I couldn’t even think of confessing my feelings to her now. It was delayed awakening of love in me and I was equally surprised about the feelings that had overwhelmed my heart. I watched the woman, with whom I had spent the most memorable times of my life, the woman who knew me so well, the woman who had told me that she loved me even before I had felt anything, that woman, today would become another’s. And I was a mute spectator. As soon as the priest announced them husband and wife and Alan walked towards her for the ritualistic kiss, I turned and walked away.

Never to see her, whom I had lost even before I knew her in the best way. Now I knew why she was so upset in the days that followed her engagement. Now I knew why she was all disturbed. Now I knew about love. Everything made sense while I had been the most insensible. I lost her and then realized her value.”

“After that, I left the city and relocated here, on the pretext of career opportunities. And the rest is left, doomed for being hidden forever.”

“You’ve never met her again?” I asked curiously.
“No! We communicate by mails or messenger but I don’t want to get near her,” he replied calmly, and continued, “I don’t want her to know that my heart had felt the same, but it was too late in doing so. I don’t want her to regret, that we could have had a future together.”

“That was madness! You should have said it! You should have stopped the marriage!” I exclaimed.
“I couldn’t Anna. It is not so easy. I was confused already, and I was unaware of the feelings that had creeped into my heart. When I was not so sure about it, how could I convince anyone about it. I didn’t even know if Janie would believe. It could be just my jitters as my companion of many many years was moving away. I didn’t want to stop her marriage, just because of my impulsive feelings of love.”

“Hmmm! That is really sad Erin. I feel for you!” I said softly.
“It has passed off Anna. Been two years and I have moved ahead. But you know, I realized, how strongly women feel things. You people are so clear about what your heart says and wants. It is a strange gift bestowed on you. We men, specially ones like me, usually are late in understanding and realizing matters of the heart!” He smiled and said as though it was my accomplishment.

“That is because we feel before we think Erin, and what we feel we don’t deny or refuse to accept. Most of the times, given the chance, the situation and the opportunity at hand, we listen more to the heart. Guess that is why, we are emotional ones!” I winked and got up feeling all proud of my species. And then I blurted the question always in my mind.

“Though I understand the confusion you feel when I am around. Yet, Erin, why this kind of torment for me? Please enlighten me!” The sequence of events tonight had revealed a new pathway, a new bond between us.

He smiled, got up from the bench, and came closer to me. Somehow I didn’t feel threatened by his proximity now. But I wished he wouldn’t enter the unbearable mode now.

He looked into my eyes. Those grey eyes were like the abyss where I was falling unaware and unscathed. They were so serious and yet so confused.
“You remind me of those beautiful moments I shared with her. Those times when we were so close and so careless. You remind me of my pain and my regret at being such a lousy lover. I am scared when I see you. I am nervous with you around. I feel like I am looking for Janie in you!” he said.

I was surprised. This was as unexpected as everything tonight. I kept looking at him, not knowing what to say. Finally, I spoke. “Erin, I am not Janie. Neither do I want to be her. I am your subordinate, we work at the same place. We could become friends, or cordial accomplices, or colleagues, whichever suits or seems better. If you search someone else in me, you would be disappointed. For I am me, I am Anna. And I am happy being myself!”

He smiled again. He stayed silent, and looked at me for sometime, then he thrust his hand out and said, “So?” he paused, “Friends?” I smiled and placed my hand in his.
“Friends!” I said.

But deep within my body, within those bones and flesh, my heart fluttered and I knew, like Janie, I was bewitched by this man.

Unbearable Erin, I hope you don’t repeat it all with me! With wishes and hopes, I waved him goodbye while I walked into the building where my apartment was. Unbearable Erin, why and when did you become Lovable Erin! I never knew!


So that’s it folks. Thanks for reading a longer story. Hope you all enjoyed it.



Why Me! (5)


I kept sipping my coffee, glancing once in a while at Erin. Unbearable Erin, today was in a different mood. And this was as bothersome as it could be!

“So, Erin! What’s the story?” I asked him before his mind changed.
“Hmmmm!” He heaved a cold sigh. “So, where do we begin?!” He said.
“Start from the beginning!” I exclaimed.
“Seriously??” he asked.
“Of course!” I replied.
“So here I begin,” he grinned.

And so he did begin. I was listening to every word of his as though my life depended on it. His lips as they formed words, the sound emerging from his throat, his eyes and their expressions, each of his feature captivated me, while I heard his words.

Erin had this to say,” When we were in school, while we moved to college and even after that, I had one special friend, Janie! Janie and I were close friends, the best that friends can be! She was the one with whom I could share anything. She was always with me. I never felt that she was a female, or that girlfriend kind of person. We were aware of each other’s dates and flings.


Contrary to the rumour around, we both weren’t involved with each other. At least that is what I always thought. Until, that day. Her father had got her engaged to marry the son of his partner in business. He was rich, belonged to a good family and Janie was surprised when she was told that Alan, her fiancé was the one to ask for her hand.

Things started changing slowly after the engagement. They were to be married in a month after the engagement. There was a strange coldness in Janie. I was surprised, I wanted us to have a great time as friends but Janie started talking in mono syllables. I could feel her drifting away. I kept asking her what was bothering her, but she wouldn’t talk properly to me. I was losing out my friend even before she was swept away by another man. I too was getting moody and annoyed at her.

Things took a toll, one week before her marriage, when one of our mutual friends arranged a party for her. While I was walking back home with her, she suddenly stopped. I held her hand, my bestie’s hand. She was so cold to touch, yet she was least bothered about it. I kept asking her, I didn’t want my friend to be in some pain which I couldn’t even decipher.

Suddenly she burst into tears and fell into my arms. It wasn’t the first time she had come into my arms, but this time I felt her so weak and fragile. I never knew a woman’s thoughts can change her physically. She was such a beautiful person both inward and outwards. She stayed like that, minutes passed. When she finally became composed, I asked her, what was wrong. I wondered if her father was pressurizing her for the marriage.

You still don’t get it Erin? She asked.
I was totally dazed by her words. What was I missing?
If that is the case then I am in my own, self inflicted pain. I am glad you are saved from it Erin. She said wiping her tears. I didn’t even know what she meant.

Janie! What are you telling? I asked her.
Erin, let me just tell you this. Though I now have realized that it wasn’t from your side, you still haven’t felt those things. So in a way it is good, rather better. I am feeling quite better now. she mumbled.

Janie, what are you talking about? I persisted. And then she told me, what I never thought even in my dreams.

She said, Erin, I always had you in my life. You were the one around whom my world revolved. I never was able to imagine that some day we would get separated. And I thought that you too had those feelings for me. Ever since I knew love, ever since I felt love, ever since I dreamt of life ahead, I have loved you! Always! But today, it means nothing. And as days pass, it will die before it could bloom. Yet, I would wish you to have love in the best forms. I wish that you give and receive love as you have wanted.

It hit me hard. Agreed, that she and I were the best of friends. Yet, we had grown so accustomed to each other. We knew each other like we knew our own self. She knew what I liked and what I didn’t. I knew what she meant when she said something. But I had never thought that henceforth, once she got married, once she walked down the aisle, our relationship would become history. I hadn’t ever thought about the love we had, we shared, we lived. The love, we – rather which I had taken for granted.

That day, when she walked towards the house, away from me, I realized the distance that was increasing each day between us. I felt, she was being sensitive, too emotional in her pre-marriage days. I did love her, but just as a friend. I told her that, and she smiled and said, she was glad to hear it! I waved and smiled as she entered the house and I thought little about it as I returned home myself.

The unseen, invisible thunder struck me, on that fateful day.”

**Did Erin feel anything for Janie? Did he really lose Janie forever? What is Erin’s story?
I really wish I get to write the next part sooner! Hope you liked it till here!
Lots of love!


Why me! (4)

I was surprised to see the photograph in his wallet. Sheer shock! The girl in it was in the arms of a man, his hands at her waist, embracing her from behind. It was a blonde, smiling and happy as though she had nothing to care. The guy too had the most beautiful smile. The smile that I everyday longed to see. Yes, that was Unbearable Erin. There was a very strong connection between them. Erin was in awe with her but she didn’t have the same expressions. The feelings that Erin’s face showed were not reciprocated by her.

Now, you might wonder, what shocked me on seeing my boss have a girl’s picture in his pocket! Well, the photograph left me amazed, as the girl with golden hair, had just that one thing different from me. I have brown hair. Rest everything, her eyes, her nose, her forehead, even her lips seemed to be just like mine. It was like seeing a glimpse of myself if I planned to turn blonde.

I raised my head to see him. He was giggling like a boy who was showing porn to his friend.
“Erin? What the hell!! Who is this?” I asked him amazed.
“Stop looking like I took out the life out of you!” He said laughing.
“Stop it now. Tell me how come…” I was abruptly interrupted by him.

“How come you are so similar to that girl? Well, a fluke of nature or do you have a long lost sister? Please, don’t tell me that!” He giggled more.
Of course not! I was my parents only daughter and the other one was my brother. Then mother couldn’t conceive due to an accident which made her unable to do so!
“No. I don’t think that I ever had a sister. She would have to be a twin sister, to resemble me so much!” I snapped back, “Now tell me who is she?'”

“She is my best friend. A friend who was always there for me. She was the most special person in my life until I screwed it up!” He said, putting back his wallet in his pocket.
“What happened?” I asked. I had to know this!
“Oh it is a long story! You wouldn’t want to listen to that on a weekend night”, he remarked.
“Mmmm!” I murmured. He waved and asked for the cheque to the waiter who was around us while we had dined.

I pulled the cheque from the man. I didn’t want my boss to pay for my dinner. Erin spread out his hand and hissed,”Anna, stop fooling around. Let me pay!”
I still wasn’t ready to give it into the open palm of his. While I had a glance at the bill, he pulled away my purse from my lap. I couldn’t believe he had done such a thing. I mean that’s something that either your brother or your lover could do. Erin was neither!

“Pay with what, angry Anna?” He grinned. When I still held the cheque tightly, he started to unzip my purse. As though that was his regular habit. I quickly got my hands to it’s belt and pulled.
“Anna I won’t let it go. You will end up snapping the belt,” he said amusingly
I was helpless and with an angry look on my face, I handed over the cheque to him and he bartered it with my purse.
“That’s like a good girl!” He smirked.
I got up and started walking towards the exit.

He rushed behind me after paying the money. I was out of the restaurant and walking towards house. Well, office was at a walking distance and it also helped me save some money. He was panting when he stood in front of me. I was done with him!

“Well, Erin, dinner deal done, right?” I questioned him.
“Oh yes, but I didn’t want you to go in that mad mood of yours. You’d keep cursing me the whole weekend and I might have sleepless nights or something might happen to me!” He replied trying to breathe.
“I don’t cuss Sir! And I ain’t no witch to curse you, prince Snow White!” I was really mad, and anger made me say stupid things!

The cold breeze was around us, and I was just a few more steps away from home. I didn’t know why he wasn’t willing to leave me alone.
What were his intentions? Now I was scared. Would he force himself upon me? Would he break into my house and do wrong things to me? I shuddered.
I looked at Erin again. He was smiling and walking along.

His smile was mesmerizing. They formed dimples on his cheeks and gave a sparkle to his eyes. As I kept looking at him, I wondered which woman in her senses would have let him go!

All bias aside, Erin was one handsome man. He was broad shouldered, had big strong hands, sturdy and perfect neck to hold his head high. His jawlines, his grey eyes, his arched eyebrows, I could study him for hours. And something fluttered within me!
Anna, mad woman! Stupid! You shouldn’t think like that! It couldn’t be a fling. He is your boss and you wouldn’t want to become the gossip talk of everyone at office! My brain warned me. And I moved away my eyes from him. I didn’t know I had stopped walking while I was in my brain talk.

“Anna!Anna! What happened?” Erin’s voice made me come out of my thoughts.
“Oh! Nothing!” I replied.
“Don’t tell me, you become stoned statue once in a day! Some spell you are under? That makes you a stone after ten o’clock or eleven?” He was mocking me now.

I looked around, I had to say something else he would keep talking about witches and things which I had blurted out.
I saw a coffee shop ata distance of a few steps. “I was thinking of having a cup of coffee before going home. So you go on. I will go home after my cuppa”, I sounded genuine.

“That’s a great idea! Cmon then!” He excitedly said.
“Who is asking you to join?” My big mouth was uncontrollable tonight!
“Hey cmon, you can pay for me here! Coffee treat. Perfect return gesture!” He sneered.
What was wrong with him? He knew I would have repaid him and so he used coffee as a chance.

“Alright! Cmon let’s have. You telling me the story while we sip coffee! Deal?” I asked him.
“Hmmmm! You are really serious to know about me? Wow! That surprises me!” He replied while we walked towards the coffee shop.
“Yes! Now I know that you torture me because of the girl in that photograph. I also need to know what was the worst thing she did that you can’t tolerate someone with her face!” I replied.

While I sat on the chair at a table, a thought rose and surprised me and so I put out another question.
“I wonder Erin, if you hate or dislike that person so much to torment me for having the same face. Then why do you carry her picture in your wallet!”

He looked at me, that warmth back again in them, and he spoke very calmly, “I never said I hate her or dislike her. She is the best thing to have happened in my life. She’s been the gift of Lord for me.”
I was confused now.

He torments me for having the same face as that woman, but he regards her as a gift! Either he was insane or was out to make me one!

Who was that woman? If she was a special one for him then why this torturous attitude towards our Anna? You wonder? So do I!
Maybe in the next post Erin would talk and tell us all. Till then, have fun! Spread smiles and happiness around you.

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Why me! (3)


We were set to have a nice dinner. A nice one, with some good food. I opted for grilled chicken with salad, which was my plan to have. Erin had some steak, bread loaf and some French fries. Wequietly waited for our food. It was nice place to have a peaceful meal, though I was nervous when Erin would shed his gentleman’s skin and out would  roll the monster.

It was the first time, in the two weeks that had passed since Erin came, that we both were alone in some place. I was glad it was a public place. Then I knew I wouldn’t be subjected to any physical abuse. I know I sound as though I am exaggerating a lot about Erin, but that is how I felt with him. I felt safe at the same time I felt unsure.

Erin sat quietly, checking something on his mobile. I wanted to do the same. But I didn’t want to look like I had copied his behavior.


So I sat and started humming the Titanic song. Yes, I loved that song by Celine Dion, My heart will go on….. I had a bad habit of humming or singing when I am nervous and waiting anxiously for something.

Erin probably heard me, he looked at me and titled his head as though surprised to see me hum a song to myself. He locked his phone and kept it on the table. Ignoring him, I kept humming and looking around. The restaurant was silent, with most of the crowd partying at pubs and discothèques. People who went to restaurants like this one, on weekend eves were people who wanted some peace, and those who wanted to be away from the hustle of the younger blood.

I could feel his glaring eyes. I could feel the intensity with which he was looking at me. There was a warmth in his behavior, his voice and his eyes tonight. I looked at him and he just smiled again.
“What?? I can’t even sing a song here?” I asked snapping at him.
“I never knew you could Anna,” he replied softly.
“You know nothing about me Erin,” I reminded him.
“Neither do you”, he replied very softly.
I fell silent, I didn’t know what to say, but as usual he was the one who said the last words.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up. The grey shade seemed to sparkle in the light of the restaurant. Excitedly, he said, ” How about we learn and know about each other now Anna?”

Know each other?? Was this man going mad? Or was I going mad being around him? Why would I want to know about him? When I knew he disliked me, my work and my presence!

“And why suddenly you got this idea?” I questioned him.
“It’s simple Anna! I don’t have friends here, you don’t seem to have many either, and I feel that we both could give good company to each other!” He replied with a grin.
“But Erin, I am your secretary who always annoys you, how can I even imagine being a friend of yours!” I asked him.
“Simple, we wont tell the world about it. Just between you and me! What do you say?” He asked like a young child asking for a new toy because he did something good.

“Hmm.” I could just mumble it.
“OK. Let me start then! Hi Anna, I am Erin. I am new in this place. I work in the same office as you. I am the Unbearable Boss of my Secretary. So, will you be my friend?” He asked with an innocent smile and voice.
I couldn’t help but giggle. “That was sweet!” I said, still giggling.
“Hi Erin, I am Anna. The secretary of the Unbearable You!! I would like to think about it while you prove it to me, as to why I should be your friend and not stay miles away from you. Still I would like to give it a shot!”
We shook our hands while we giggled at our madness!


The food came, and we became more alert about our hunger when hotly prepared food and its aroma caused our stomachs to grumble.
“I have my parents, who stay in the country side. Doctors advised them, as my father is a heart patient.
I am sole child of my parents”, he said softly.
Now it was my turn.
“Well, my parents stay in this city but I prefer being on my own. They are busy in social work now-a-days. I have a brother who works for a software firm.” I replied.

While we were coming to the end of the meal, a thought kept pestering my mind. It wouldn’t rest, however hard I tried. I knew I had to be frank and quick. And so I decided, to ask it off.

“Why are you always tormenting me? Why is the gun always pointed towards me? Why me always a target of your words?”

For sometime, I didn’t know what to say! I thought I had crossed the limits. But I needed the answer.
He took the last piece of the meat and bread and kept down the spoon and fork.
“You wonder why I do that Anna? You really want to know about that part of my life? Well, isn’t a new friendship demanding a lot from me today itself?'” He smiled again.
He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out his wallet.


Next what he said and showed left me dazed if I had been right to question him and his intentions.

(Wonder what he says and shows? Keep reading fellow bloggers! 🙂 )


Why Me! (2)


The second week of torment came to an end. And I was still the secretary-who-came-after-the-boss. Man, was it such a big crime?!!

I hurriedly returned my belongings to my purse. I turned off my computer. I had to wait for Erin to finish. What if I couldn’t come before him, but I did make it a point to leave after him. Just in case he would need my help.

I swivelled my chair and saw him doing something on his computer. He was typing hastily and thinking hard, then again typing. I wondered what was making him so nervy while he sat clicking the keys on the keyboard.

He raised his head and looked at me. I was caught again, monitoring him. Well, I wasn’t doing that, but he must have thought so. He always thought the strangest things. I smiled as though I understood his problem. Frankly speaking, I type with the same expression and hastiness when I need to mail or message my mother. And that made me think, if he is like this, no wonder his mother must be on a higher pedestal than him.

He quickly finished whatever he typed, probably clicked SEND and turned off the computer. He got up, and in a slow and graceful manner, he swirled his black coat, slipped his hands into the sleeves and the coat fit perfectly on his body. Quietly observing him was a rarity, but it created a curiosity in me. Always! He started walking towards the door of his cabin and stepped out. I was still seeing his movements, when he stood leaning on the door frame.


“Miss Anna, have you been thrown out of home?” He asked.
I couldn’t help myself and the smile escaped my lips. “What makes you think so, Erin?” I replied.
“Well, which person in their weekend mood, would sit back and watch their boss like that?” He raised an eyebrow and asked me.
“If you haven’t bothered observing, then I don’t intend to tell you,” I replied softly.
I picked up my purse, slid it on my shoulder and started walking towards the exit. The rest of the closing would be done by Peter, the helper at the office.

He was walking behind me, I could hear his footsteps. And his scent was trickling its way towards my nostrils. I hated this man, but there was a strange pull I felt towards him.
When I had stepped out of the building, I knew I had to get away from him. I wanted to go home, relax and read a book. Probably make some grilled chicken and salad for dinner and just be by myself.
Surprising right? At 30, very few women were willing to follow this schedule. But I was happy to do so! Two years back, I had split with my boyfriend of six years and after that I had lost my job. It took me months to get the secretary’s post at Starry Fashion and I had all intentions to keep it.

And truly I wasn’t ready for another new relationship where a person wasn’t willing to commit. Truth is, the moment I brought in the idea of marriage, Jason, my ex-boyfriend, felt it was not the right thing. Every thing that we did wasn’t good enough. Now, we women have good intuitions, so when I confronted him, he bluntly said that he was not ready for marriage.

Coming back to my present haunting, Unbearable Erin, was walking along. He maintained a foot’s distance from me. I am glad he did that, as it would be harder for me to control my desire to hit him.
“Erin, are you coming to my house? Uninvited??” I hissed at him, turning to face him.

He gave back an innocent and soft smile. I was really taken aback.
“I don’t intend to, but if you don’t mind it, I would love to do so!” He replied.
“What do you want?” I asked him, totally annoyed.
“Can we have dinner together?” He just blatantly put it out.
“A dinner with you?” I repeated to confirm what he had just said, with my eyebrows raised in surprise and my eyes wide open.
“Yeah! Just a simple dinner.” He answered back.
“Are you alright? Is there something wrong with you?” I asked him.
He smiled and said, “Yes, I am fine. Everything is fine Anna!”

My heart suddenly skipped a beat. My worst fears came rushing into my mind. I had to know it.
With an utterly shocked look, I asked him, “Are you going to fire me at dinner? Is that your plan? Is that why you have been a little kind to me today?”
His expressions froze for a second, and then he started laughing. Not a loud laugh, but a soft and inner laugh. I was amazed that he could laugh. Never heard about monsters laughing!

When I kept staring at him, he disclosed, “Oh. No,no Anna! I have no such plans. Why would I do that? You are the only person in that office, whom I can give orders. Why would I get rid of you!”
And then after a short pause he said something which I thought he never had observed, “And by the way, I know that you always leave after me, so that I don’t end up helpless. I do observe that Anna!”

I was filled with relief, but the reason to not fire me, still made me hate him a little more.
I knew I couldn’t escape him, and it was just a dinner he wanted to have. He didn’t look like a sadistic or a rapist kind of guy. At least I could trust him with that thing. And so I finally said, “OK. Let’s have dinner then.”

As the curve of his lips moved upwards into a smile, I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach. Did I for some reason or fraction of time start to like this man? The man, whom just a few seconds back I had hated! Just then it hit me. Maybe if I tried hard, he would stop being so tough on me. You know charm him to be sweet and nice to me.


We walked together, with an arm’s distance between us, towards the restaurant at the corner of the street. With nothing but confusion in mind, I looked at him. And he with a calm and peaceful look on his face, smiled like a person who was walking towards his destination.

(Well, I don’t know, what happens next! ‘Let’s see’, as Anna always says! :roll:)
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Why me!


I was in a hurry when I left home for office. However hard I tried, I was always late when he was there. My late coming was not a regular thing, I was the most punctual employee. Well, that’s the word, these days, WAS! Ever since Unbearable Erin had come as the Assistant to the Brutal Boss, it was like hell let itself loose in the Editorial board of the Starry Fashion magazine.

Well, Starry Fashion magazine was an upcoming fashion magazine where we tried to bring up new ideas, new talents and new fashion trends, before anyone else could. Brutal Boss, actually his name was Brutus, you won’t believe he even looked like Popeye’s Brutus. And he was equally brutal, only that his words were brutal like the cartoon’s punches. And no, spinach wouldn’t help us to escape.

As I stepped into the office, dressed in a simple, calf length black skirt, with black jacket and a cream colored top, I heaved a sigh of relief when I didn’t see Erin in his cabin. I started walking towards my cubicle. Erin’s cabin was all glass walled, cunning fellow, with those he could always keep an eye on me!

Why me, you ask? I am his ever tormented secretary. Since his appointment last Monday, he has earned me all the sympathy and concern of the other staff members. People have started betting, how soon I will be leaving this job.
Actually working under Samantha, the previous Assistant to Brutal Boss, was a smooth ride. But then she got pregnant after 10 years of marriage and applied for maternity leave. And entered into our haven, the man monster Erin!

As I slowly tried to tiptoe in my high heels which were ticking aloud while they hit the polished floor, I was startled when I heard the voice, “Late again, Miss Anna!”

Why! Why did he have to always be on time? Why did I have to be the one after him to come to office? Why didn’t his clock or wrist watch stop or better, just explode? 

With these thoughts and annoyance on my face, I turned my head to see him. He was standing at the door of his cabin, which opened just where it wasn’t supposed to! Into my cubicle.  Wearing a crisp white shirt, which seemed so stiff and freshly ironed, it made me wonder, did he iron and wear it or wear and then iron!

I smiled innocently at him and looked at my wristwatch. It was 9 o’clock, I was on the dot so I proudly declared, “Well, Erin, I am on time. I believe that should be enough!”
“Yeah but a secretary should be in office before her boss, isn’t it Anna?” He gave me that glaring look.
“I will try to do so, but I don’t think I can run my life as per your timetable..Sir” I replied, stressing on Sir so that he would just tell me the work and go away. Since he had joined, his main work was to go through our archives, check on all the work done and torment me.
How I hated this man!!

I moved towards my computer and switched it on. I laid my purse at the corner, and took my seat. I turned back and found him, still standing and looking at me, with an amused smile.
“Is there something wrong, Erin?” I asked when his presence started unnerving me.
“Well, I was wondering when would you ask me,” He replied very firmly.
“Ask you what?” The date he would leave the office or the day he wants my resignation! I questioned him in my mind.
“Miss Anna, how can you forget so soon!” He smirked. I deserved a peace prize for restraining myself.
“I told you so many times. The moment you’ve settled in the office, I would like to have a strongly brewed cup of coffee. Do I need to remind you everyday?” He barked.

Man, he could have just requested for it, but no, he will ask for a cup of coffee in the most impolite way. As an order. I wonder if he would have sent it as an urgent mail or a warning memo if I didn’t get him a good cup!
“Oh! I am sorry. I will get it. Will just go for it now.” I mumbled and stepped away from the chair.

I wanted to bang the chair to his feet, stamp over his well polished shoes, these were the thoughts as I brewed his coffee.

I took the cup and knocked at the glass door. He raised those grey eyes of his. They had so much warmth in them. While he was silent, absorbed by whatever was on the computer screen, he looked a kindhearted and understanding person. The fire he spitted was what made him the monster. He nodded and I entered his office.

It was all neat and everything seemed to be in place. Not a strip of paper seemed out of spot. I wondered how he maintained it so prim and prop. It was a fact that he was a systematic professional person.

How much I disliked him, I couldn’t deny that he was hardworking and disciplined. As I went close to hand him his coffee, I could smell the strong scent of the after shave he had used, probably in the morning before he stepped in office. It caused a strange sensation to me, it was strong and made me desire more of it.

I always felt that he was a perfect gentleman for all the others in the office, but he was always the beast for me. He seemed to do it deliberately. He looked into my eyes, while my fingers touched his, when I transferred the cup from my hand to his. And suddenly the warmth of his eyes changed.
With a voice filled with annoyance, for no reason I knew, he said, “Thank you! I thought I might have to wait till lunch for it!”

I knew, the moment his lips would open, his words would be nothing but venom! I didn’t want to apologize again. I gave him a contemptuous smile and walked out of the office while he sipped his coffee peacefully.


I sat back in my chair and glanced at my computer. The messenger window blinked.
Thanks for the coffee!

My mouth was left gaping when I saw that message was from the monster himself. Erin had messaged ‘thanks’ to me. He usually said it but today I hadn’t waited to hear him, I had left even before he assigned me any work.

What was his plan now? Was he willing to break the ice or was I thinking too much between the lines, because of few words that came from him?

Let’s see Anna, I told myself!

(To be continued… )