Another poem game?

The scene is something like this:


He: Hey honey! Shall we play the poem game today too?
She: *with a grumpy face* No!! I don’t even want to see your face!
He: C’mon. Now what did I do?
She: That’s insane! You pretend as though you don’t even know!
He: Sweetheart, I really have no idea.

She stares coldly at him.

He: *smiling* Seriously. Let us play and today we’ll play it right! So, you complete my lines.
She: Huhh!!
He: Roses are red, violets are blue…

After a little thought, the lines come.

She: I met a fool in life, and that’s you!!
He: Ha ha ha! That was bad!
She: Was it?? *raising an eyebrow*
He: OK. Another one….Mmmmmm…. How about this…. My life is complete with your presence,
She: While for me, you’re the very nuisance!
He: Why do you enjoy breaking my heart?
She: I wish to stick it there and play with darts.
He: You’re being ridiculously cruel now.
She: You have no idea, what I wish to do and how!!

No word is spoken henceforth. Aware that it is not the end of the game, he slips out of the house silently. Knowing very well, that the storm has just risen in the horizon!!



26 thoughts on “Another poem game?

    1. Hahaha! I have to write it for school every other year, which I really find hard! Last academic year I had made a short and simple version of The Sound of Music (till where the children and the governess-Maria- start getting along). 😊😊

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