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Those enchanting eyes!


I will rise, watch out! 

You saw me fall

Glancing with pity

serving me fake words

of sympathy and care.

You thought I would

lay low and drown deep

into the realms of depression

and you’d tower higher than me.

But you seem to have

forgotten that my nature

doesn’t permit me to lie 

wounded and forsaken for long.

Your wait will give me 

the power to rejuvenate myself

Your indifference will make me

Rise from the ashes of despair.

And that my friend,you’ll see,

you’ll watch in daze

When from the soot and ashes

I rise as a dazzling Phoenix.


New shoes, that were never worn!

Read the lines, “New born’s shoes. For sale. Never worn” at a writing workshop and sitting there I penned down these lines!

The breathing flesh and blood

That for months I carried

All those unseen moments of love

Are the memories for ever that I’ll carry.
The little clothes, mittens and shoes

That for you I had gathered with love

Were not destined for you my baby

But some angel elsewhere would walk around in them.


Busy days ahead. . . 

Hello everyone,

So after a long long time things have slowed done in life. Do check out the post and the website for more information. The last days for submission has been extended so do send in your entries soon! 

And this one I wrote for Father’s Day, which I wanted to share with you…

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Lots of love