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Busy days ahead. . . 

Hello everyone,

So after a long long time things have slowed done in life. Do check out the post and the website for more information. The last days for submission has been extended so do send in your entries soon! 

And this one I wrote for Father’s Day, which I wanted to share with you…

Do drop down a comment and let me know what you think about it!

Lots of love


My soul’s craving! – Poetry

Hazel-eyed, an epitome of beauty

The soothing charm in you, ocean’s serenity

Long silky tresses, entrapped my heart

The secrets that lie deep in you

I wish to explore and unravel a few

To uncover the hidden one in you.
Like the sculptor Pygmalion in ancient tale

Who rejected all maidens, all plans had failed

For he loved his own creation, a mould of female

Living together, yet unfulfilled love theirs

Unless Aphrodite looked into his wondrous case

She blew life into her, the one for which he cares.
And lo’ behold, the sculpture breathed alive

And into the ocean of love, did they dive

My love for you is no lesser, not bound by any limit

For you’ve grown within me, drop by drop, bit by bit

Deeply embossed, your name in my heart engraved

Your love and presence, it’s You, my soul always craved!
P.S. the pic is of one of my favourite. Love the way Eugene looks at her!! 💜💜

©Syeda F.R.

Infinity – Poetry

Hello my lovely friends!!

I’m back after a long long time – seems quite long, so don’t mind if it really hasn’t been that long! 😋😋

Though unprepared with any new post, I thought of sharing an older poem of mine, which might have gone down the pile of blog posts! Hope you all will like it!


Her eyes watched silently, the endlessness of the road ahead,
They passed over the terrains and fields lying boundless.

The darkness and unlimitedness enveloped her in an embrace,
The limitlessness of the lifeless and loveless land scared her.

As her sad eyes lifted to the canopy of the starless sky,
She realized not even the stars would give her company.

The vastness of the sky. How minute she stood under it!
The endless sky and land, watching her shatter, in vain.

A vaccum within her, an abyss of pain, an empty womb,
With blank eyes she stared out into the infinity of space!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Lots of love!!


I will bear all…for you!

Life again, unexpectedly brought me to your door,

Unaware I float along as it throws me ashore.

Leaving you, for your own good, I had convinced

My melancholic heart. Consolation with pain, mixed.

You hate me now, since then, I know, for sure,

I see the viciousness, the venom, that your eyes store.

A promise made in times of pain, left me alone,

A vow to a dear one and my world got blown.

All aches and woes, as tokens of your love, I will face,

Standing tall, protecting, loving silently, at each phase.

©Syeda F.R.

To push you ahead! – Poetry

Hello fellow bloggers!

How has life been these days? My days are as hectic as they can be. Seems like I am in a race with time and work,they demand that I fall yet I won’t accept!

In all this, what suffers most is my writing and my blog! 😩😩

Anyway, here I am with a little poem I wrote. I hope you all will like it. Hoping to get back soon!

Lots of love and best wishes to all!

Stay happy and blessed 😄

© Syeda F. R.