Stay away Miss!


Is that you Ms Sleep,
Knocking on my eyelids?
Always an unwelcome time
You select to come about for a visit!

I don’t want to close my eyes now,
Not so early, it’s holiday season!
Let me sit cosily and watch a movie,
Drool over Cooper or Butler or Eckhart
Or Benedict or Hemsworth, so many of them!!

Let me sit blinking my eyes
Trying to learn the sensuous moves
Of Julia and Jennifer and Emma
While they swirl and strike and create magic.
(These are less, I know, Miss.
C’mon, you know I’m a woman!😋😋)

I don’t want to get under your spell
For then, I’ll snore and miss them all.
When I ask you to come, you dodge me around.
Now I’m on a vacation, so you better stay off!


P.S. I hope you all like this effort of mine at humor! ;);)
Stay happy and blessed all.


18 thoughts on “Stay away Miss!

      1. I want to send you blessings sweet Syeda. I’ve made my last post on wp but keeping my blog up to pay occasional visits as a reader. You are a wonderful writer able to touch the souls of people. I wish you the best and all your dreams come true ❤ Laine

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      2. Aww Laine, I’m going to miss you here. Is there some way, we could keep in touch. Maybe mail or something which doesn’t disturb your work, still keeps us connected. I’d love that. My email id:
        Thank you so much for those lovely words. Stay happy and blessed my dear friend.
        Lots of love. – Syeda 🙂

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