Month: September 2015

My Soul Cry! – Poetry by me


Spreading about my wings, I could see the earth,
Rising above the horizon, I feel like a new birth.

The green grass looks like it just opened its eyes,
Murmuring to themselves, slowly as dew on them dries.

The wind blows over them as if whispering slowly,
To each blade of grass, wishing it sweet morning softly.

The little flowers dance about, swinging happily,
As though playing among themselves joyfully.

Breaking away from the shackles, I need to end this,
I have to see the world, I needed to live in bliss.

The colorful rainbow, the extravagant meadows,
The sunflowers, tulips, orchids and roses in rows.

The gurgling and gossiping streams and rivers,
Spreading the word around and covering all with glitters.

Make me fly, O wind, take me away with you,
Show me the world,let me live anew.

I ain’t born to be enclosed or encaged, imprisoned,
I am meant to live, to fly and miles to ascend.

I am meant to go beyond your thoughts and imaginations,
I am meant to live and love beyond your restrictions.

I am your soul, your inner self, your spirit,
I am meant to be enriched and developed, not left decrepit.

Take care of me, lest I leave your body and go,
I am born for the zeniths, not stay low!



If You Only Knew – Review


Sometimes, you get hands on a book that changes your opinion and thoughts about life, about people and about situations. This amazingly marvellous book did just that to me!

The story is so beautifully woven around its lovable characters. It’s not about how people fall in love, it is about how love grows within. It is about how sometimes your life could be heaven and change into hellish times. It is about how life is so unexpectedly cruel at times and can be amazingly kind at other times.

The main character,for me was Jenny, so she is just so real, someone who doesn’t want to lose herself,a woman trying to move away from past but unable to do so. A woman who is strong yet so fragile. (Guess all women are!)

Then we have another protagonist, the sister, Rachel, the calmer and settled girl of the house. And her story is about how she undergoes things -heartbreak, trust-break- which change her perspective towards life. Sometimes, I feel women expect more from the people in their life and that is what is the root of all pains!

I loveddddddd Leo! He was adorably the most intriguing character of the book. The part about his life comes as a shock and makes you feel for him. It is probably one of the few times when I felt sad more for the hero than the heroine! 💖💖

Well, ask me to rate it, it gets a fulllll 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 !!!! Coz I couldn’t put my eyes/mind/heart to rest till I finished it, inspite of a lot of work on my head! 🚨
I am so ready to read more of Kristan Higgins’ work. Want to enjoy a nice life-lesson/chick lit/romance/touching story, then go for it!!


Love The Rain?


Its been raining on and off for the last few days in my city. And what a beauty it is, what a joy it is to feel and see the nature showering and cleansing the land and flora.

The first few tiny droplets of water, fell on my face making me look up at the sky. The white and grey clouds were like a ceiling on the floor of the earth. I knew they warned as they grumbled before they begin to sprinkle their contents. Looking around for shelter, I was glad as the parched land for the rains had been scarce these days.

As the clouds started sliding their zippers, the droplets grew in size and frequency. And suddenly it began to rain heavily. It was fun to watch all running helter skelter. I was standing in the balcony, watching the rain, and the chaos it created. The breeze was blowing and playing around with the drops, trying to elope as far as they could with them. It took them to those who were trying to hide. Oh no! It wasn’t going to let anyone go dry.

I stretched my right hand and felt the cold water fallen in my palm. So cool and so thrilling, it was a gift from the skies. I moved a little out and let it fall on me.
I stretched my arms wide apart, something inspired by Kate of Titanic and the famous ship scene. Only there was no Jack to hold me at the back. 😉

It was such an enthralling experience, surreal and dream-like. I always loved the rain and today was no different. It’s a different thing that I am down with a headache and a little cold!

I hope you all enjoy the rain as I had done!
Happy rains!
Take care, till we meet again!


Love You …. Miss You!


Well, today I don’t have an incident or a story for anyone. Just a little of my side, my life.

Around four years back, I had a change of job. From a lucrative MNC job, I resigned due to personal issues and joined as a teacher in a school nearby.

There I had an amazing and memorable time. I always cherish those memories. And they are so special for me. And here I met a child, a boy.

He was not very different from the rest, but something between us clicked. In 9 months he was to write his tenth class examinations. Beautiful nine months!
There were competitions held, picnics we enjoyed. Each day was unique in itself. And then one day, he made me cry.

Cry with tears of exhilaration! He called me MOTHER! I have my own kids but to be called as a mother by him filled me with a strange joy. Why? You may wonder! I have no idea. But trust me, it was similar to those days when my kids had started speaking. It was like when they had first called me MOTHER! He has his own mother, a very good lady, and I have kids of mine, but sometimes someone becomes as special as one of your own. He is that special one for me.

A very special child for me, a very special bond we share. A very unique love we have. A very beautiful relationship. We are still always in touch, though he is quite a busy boy now. Aiming to become a Chartered Accountant!

Today, no reason as such but I missed him a lot! So, today’s blog is dedicated to him! 💜💜

With lots of love and blessings for my son.
My sweet son. Love you!


I Wish….


Hi all..

Well this is just a small write up from me today. Hope you like reading it.

I wish…

Sitting by the shore, watching the sea waves lash its fury at the sand, I looked around. I was waiting for my friend to come. My friend, the wind was a busy entity. I knew it would come and spin me round and round till I would feel giddy. Lo! Think of her and here she is.

She was always like this. Always jovial to see me. Always showing me around and telling me stories. Stories which had not characters but real people. She would bring words she had heard, she would show me faces, so common yet so unique. The world had so many stories to tell, but no one to listen. She says people don’t listen to ease your pain, they listen to either talk behind you or to find faults with you. She and her thoughts!

Today she is sad. Something which I dread. But it happens every day. At this hour. When I asked her, she dodged it away. She can be really moody, you know. I am persistent and keep asking and this is what she came about.

She lifted my chin, and turned my head right, she showed me a young couple. Probably out on a date. She was shy and he was hesitant. Their eyes were sparkling with new found love. It was always unknown to many, where their stories  would end. Would there be heartbreak or wedding bells? Well, only time could tell. Seeing them giggle, a smile came up on my face , she called me a pervert for that!

Suddenly, she turned my face to the left. I saw a couple again. They were happy and had eyes only for each other. My friend told me their happiness was proof they were recently married. The glances they gave, the laughter they shared, was evidence enough of their love. With prayers and hopes they had begun a new life.

She pulled me ahead. We walked silently along. She tugged my hand and turned me right again. There was a family. A man and wife and little bundle all wrapped tightly in a pink blanket. Three of them so far from this world. She held the baby affectionately and carefully. He had one hand under the baby and the other on the woman’s slender waist. The family had just grown further.

We smiled and wished them all the happiness ahead. I took a few steps and looked at her. She showed me a man and wife, on my left. They were sitting together but were unaware. They were holding hands but they weren’t showing love to each other. My friend looked sad to me, I wondered why! She told me, the couple had lost their 3 year old child. He was killed in an accident. The tiny bud had neither seen nor done a thing. Some drunk lazy fellows target he became.

I knew she would stay sad if we stood there long. So I pulled her along. Far away I saw a man. All alone by himself. I knew him. My friend took me towards him and stood by my side. I saw him looking in my direction. Yet I knew he couldn’t see me. I knew why he was here. Every evening he came here, as though it was a ritual. Every time he got a red rose, his gift for me.

I saw him silently. He sighed in pain. Strange are matters of the heart. I was in another dimension yet I could feel his pain. I knew what it was doing to him. I wish I could stretch my hand and touch him again. I wish I could caress his hair. I wish I could ruffle them up and laugh as he grumbled. I wish I could tell him, to move ahead. I wish I could tell him to forget about me.

I wish I could do something to ease his pain. I wish I could! Every time I saw him, I wished I were by his side, in flesh and blood. I wish I was with him in his ups and downs. I wish I was with him to kiss him goodnight. I wish I was with him to wave him goodbye. I wish I was with him.
I wish I wasn’t haunting him.
I wish was alive and not seeing him die within, standing quietly aside.
We ended up sad, my love, my friend and I!

Thanks for reading!


Anna by Fia Essen – Review


The first word to say about Anna by Fia Essen is…. WOWWWW!!! I really had a fun filled time reading this book. Its really a great story if you are game to Chick Lit. and light hearted comedy romance.

The first page onwards the story starts unfolding making the reading enjoyable all along. Anna is a thirty year old, dumped by her boyfriend and fired from her job. She is like any other woman, trying to climb the ladder to reach the dream position. But things take a complete 180 degree turn and her life goes changes.

Alex is another adorable character, the hero of the story. He is quite complex and indecisive. And he adds more confusion to our poor Anna. Alex has his own set of issues and problems which he needs to face. Jane is the sweeeeeetest character of the book. She is such a jovial and happy person. She adds all the care, spice and fun in Anna’s life. Loved her!

After a major part of the story, comes a character, and I fell in love with that character. The situations involving this character had me in splits. I was laughing at those times. The most adorable and innocent character of the story add more fun along in the book.

Well, if you like simple, fun-filled love story, belonging to the Chick Lit genre then you should enjoy this like I did. Ask me to rate it on a 5 star scale, it would be 6 from me! 💜💜💜
I am really falling in love with this author. After Ariel, Anna was a real exciting ride! Keep rocking dear!

Enjoy reading all!


Gentle Touch…. (3)


Chapter 3

I didn’t meet Susan for a week now. I knew she was going to be saddened by it. I called her up three days after that night. She deserved that, I couldn’t abandon her totally. I had to think and decide something.

Those days. Every three days, I called her up. She would ask me how I was, how my work was going at the bank where I worked as a teller. She tried hard to not ask me, as though she was afraid of what my answer would be. This indecisiveness was as much painful for her as much it was for me.

Those days were dreadful. I was alive but as though someone had beaten the life out of me. I knew that deep in my heart I had developed love for her. Her uniqueness, her smile, her care was boundless. Was she what I needed in life? I was going mad. I knew I had strong feelings for her. But why this indecision then! I had no answer to that question.

It was week two now. While I was returning home from the bank, I received a call. It was an unknown number. I received the call. It was from nurse Amy, Susan’s colleague at the hospital. There was a fire that had broken out on the pediatric floor and…… I heard nothing. There were a hundred thoughts in my mind. A hundred what-ifs. A hundred prayers to God. A hundred times my heart told me now, I love her. I will love her. Just let her live, and I will love her immeasurably.

I ran towards the nearest taxi and made the driver rush to the hospital. There was smoke coming from the building. I rushed in. There was all chaos. I was taking long strides. Where are you Susan? Please for God’s sake, don’t leave me now! I whispered my prayers.

The fire was put off and children were shifted in a makeshift section of the other wing on that floor. There she was! Her white uniform turned grey with the smoke and ashes. Her face had soot. Her hands were covered with bandage but she was still comforting the child on the bed.

I ran towards her. Uncaring about the place and people, I pulled her into my arms. She was shocked. “Simon! I am fine Simon!” She said. I hugged her tighter with tears falling from my eyes. I knew she was strong. This time I was trembling. And I told what my heart had told me a few minutes back.

“I love you, Susan. I really do!” I said holding her tighter to my chest. I would be hers. I would give her all the love she needed and wanted. I would have her love me. I would be hers. I loved her. Nothing else mattered. She was in shock. She pulled herself slowly away. She held my hand and moved me to a corner.
“Don’t be mad Simon. You don’t have to be so worried and decide something like this! Think rationally.” she blurted.
“It’s decided. I was away as I needed to decide. I wanted to assure myself that I loved you and only then I wanted to come back to you! I didn’t avoid you Susan. I wanted to know myself, my feelings and my love.” I spoke my heart out.

She was speechless. I smiled at her and kissed her. Her soft and tender lips were under mine. I knew I had a lot to do. But I was ready to do anything for her. For my Susan.
After six months we got married. No one had any say as Susan and I had decided that we wouldn’t need to tell everyone everything. So we became one. She was an amazing wife and lover. Except for the missing breasts, she was the epitome of love and care. Susan, my life.

When two years to our marriage passed, and she wasn’t able to conceive, she went in for some dreadful tests. And then hell broke lose in my world. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I tried my best to make ends meet. She kept her job going. We went for chemotherapy, for all sorts of medicines and therapies. Nothing was working for her. It was five years back. She was now in the last stage. I was trying my best to hold on to her, to keep her with me. I needed her.

I was here again today. My wife lay silent, asleep. As I got ready to leave, she had opened her eyes. This happened lesser because she was under high dose pain killers and morphine injections to ease her pain. She held my finger. She pulled me closer. She spoke after a long time. “Thanks for eeevvveerrryyythhinnnggg, Siiimmmooonn” she spoke with dragging the words. Speaking four words was making it hard to breathe. Her thin cold fingers were touching my face now. I held her other hand, it was just a bony structure. She caressed my cheek, “Goodbye love” she said and then her hand fell limp.
My wife was gone. Her suffering ended. I gave her all the love that I could but I couldn’t save her. My heart wept for my love. And Susan left me alone. Her gentle touch today was her last one!

💠💠💠💠💠💠 THE END 💠💠💠💠💠💠

Thanks for reading!