Month: December 2015

Goodbye 2015!


As the hands of the clock sway tick-tock, we creep into the new year. With the time moving away, we break off from the old and embrace the new happily. Time is a strange entity, it doesn’t stay the same forever, sometimes not even long, yet the present that it thrusts at us, can be the best period of our life or the worst.

Every new year, people make resolutions, new wishes and promises to fulfill in the next 12 months. I am not a New Year Resolution kind of person, I make resolutions whenever I learn something from life. So, today I would end the year with recollecting my resolutions which I hope to keep from this year onwards.

The days and months passed by slowly in 2015. I had joined a new school, so I was striving too hard to prove my mettle. Trust me, the more you are willing to prove yourself, the more people become prejudiced about you. People talk, well, you can’t blame them. God gave them a mouth with a tongue by default, so they will speak. But wish people thought before speaking. Wish people knew the power words carry. Wish people could see what pain those words cause. On the other hand, I don’t think I would show anyone that I am hurt. And so I learnt, Never bother what people have to say about you. If you weren’t worthwhile, they wouldn’t have tried to tarnish your image. So enjoy being a
worthy person!


Somewhere in the middle of the year, I joined a group of readers on Facebook. We were a group of guys and gals, who loved reading books and discussed books, writers, poets, anything to do with books! This book lovers group started as Books&Beyond, but now is known as Beyond Books Club. I am an ardent book lover, and I loved being there. It was a group of people who enjoyed books and reading. Like minded people can make you feel so normal even if you look abnormal to the whole world.

Apart from discussing books, I am indebted to the members and the admins of this group (the other admins) who always motivated me to write something. They were kind enough to praise me for my simple renditions, and love my work. And the suppressed and lost piece of me, it came out. It was revealed. And this experience made me learn that,
Dreams and wishes which you keep hidden and suppressed mean nothing, unless you make an effort to attain them!





By the end of the year, I learnt another lesson, that people out there are not the same. Though I don’t trust people so easily, yet I was deceived. I felt betrayed. How can people have venom in them and still talk and behave as though they think and want the best for you. How can people have masks on their faces?!

Contrarily, I don’t hate that time, because at those times and moments I came across another person, who is like a supportive brother, a brutal critic, a brave friend, a true advisor, a caring human! He really inspires me to write. I respect this person and wish for the best of things for him.



This year also got me closer to a special girl. She and I spent some good time when we worked at the same place. Once I moved away from there, we met less and communicated lesser, but then slowly things came back on track and I got her back as a close friend and buddy! She has seen me at the weakest point when I was targeted for some egoistic satisfaction. She was the reason I could smile at the toughest times that I spent in my previous workplace. She was the only trustable and reliable friend I had, while all the time I was surrounded by wolves disguised as sheep! She means to me like a little sister and I hope I am able to perform my role as an elder sister for her! She is really special for me! And will remain so!


Family wise, the year saw my children do well in their academic and curricular and co curricular activities. They always make me proud, by the grace of the Lord! My parents and siblings have always been my strength and it was not different this year too. It is so relieving to know that there are people who are always there to look for you and know you so well. These are usually people whom we take for granted, but trust me, they are a blessing to us! Always value your family!

And that is about how my year passed with a few lessons learnt, many people found and lost, many tears fallen, many smiles spread. A few efforts made to help, a few steps taken towards the dream. Another year ends of my life, and another new begins.

Strangely, like the bright moon drives away the blackness of night, the bright sun breaks the spell of slumber and darkness, like the ray of sunlight entering a cold and dark room, every old is left behind to walk into the new. We crawl out of the cocoon of the past and wriggle out into the world of future, living it as present.

Let’s hope this new year, 2016, comes in with hopes of better conditions of life for all, with hope of peace in the whole world, with hopes of love among all to ensure a better world for us and the coming generations. Let the new year bring out the goodness in you and help you leave behind the bads, the wrongs. Let’s hope that all our dreams, aspirations and wishes come true.
Personally I hope I don’t lose people who mean a lot to me, and I am able to retain all the special people in my life, for now and for ever!!

With all the best wishes and loads and loads of love!
Bidding you goodnight, with the hope of seeing you in the next year, which stands a few minutes away from where I am….
This is SFR, signing off for tonight! Wishing you all….





2015 in review

Well, for a starter this isn’t bad, right?!!

Thanks to all who always support me and my writing.

Stay happy and blessed as we enter into 2016!


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 480 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 8 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

World of Books!


The land of books and imaginations,
The world of wars and celebrations.

The thin pages that turn and take you places,
The letters that combine to describe thoughts and emotions.

Where warriors in pain, fight wars bravely,
Where lives are lost and tears flow endlessly.

Where magic casts its mumble their spell on all,
Where wizards and witches have their brooms and potions for all.

Where girl get lost in her wonderlands and woods
She sees strangest things, dwarfs, rabbits and queen of hearts.

Where godmothers and fairies help damsels in distress,
Where lasses have simple beauty and elegant tresses.

Where balls and banquets are adorned with ballets,
Where gowns and jewels and glass shoes are lost in alleys.

Where a boy sees the world from the other side of the wall,
Or he walks into a place where chocolate and Mr Wonka give the calls.

Where hearts are broken and then mended,
Where eyes speak volumes when lips fail to say what’s intended.

Where château’s and forts and rings of the world need to be saved,
Which ice queens and villains are out to disgrace.


Into an unseen, untouched, unimaginable land,
Ye, O books, where do you lead me holding my hand.

To read and imagine and relive so many lives, O friend, you gear me,
And then it’s us, the solitude and the voyages and quests we travel for free!

Keep reading.
Stay happy and blessed all!
Lots of love!!


I need You!


I close my eyes, I see your face,
I open them and for you my heart craves.

I go weak kneed, all mixed up emotions,
That give me energy and also show me the visions.

Love fills the air with a beautiful fragrance,
Where everything seems to sway with you in dance.

The only thing I want to see in those deep brown eyes,
Is my reflection, as though I stand before a mirror.

I wait to watch myself through your eyes,
But your eyes behold all except me when they rise.

You are not aware of the pain to me you give,
The trauma, the sadness, the torturous life that I live.

The strains of my tears drench my face but go unnoticed,
I want you, your love, all these luxuries are not what I wanted.

I want your love, your caring embrace, your gentle touch,
Your dimpled smile when you look at me, is that too much?

Don’t run trying to get the materialistic things for me, my love,
I don’t want them as much as I want you in my life, O love!

Let us live a life of love and peace and joys created by us,
A world that is within this world, not ruled by the diamonds or money between us!

Let’s make a world where love is what you give and get,
And we work to live, our children, from us some values, beget.


The Moon Fairy!


Peeping over the moon, the little fairy of light,
Comes along, into the darkness, makes everything bright.

She sees the sadness of the innocent boy, hungry, sad and uncared,
She watches the tears fall from the mother’s eyes, helpless in dismay.

She looks at the heartbroken lad, lying helpless and dejected,
She wonders what went wrong, while last day he looked so contented.

She wanted to come down and walk on the earth, the soft ground below,
But this sadness, this grief was something, for her quite unknown.

She picked up her wand and flew across, lit up the sky with stars,
All those sad and despairing eyes, faces were all turned up afar.

Those glittering bodies, what sparks she created, for every mouth gasped,
Those frowns turned to curves of smile and then the fairy escaped.

She sent a blowing kiss of sleep, a dose of potion of peace,
A little hope that lighted sky, rekindled in those innocent hearts!

Good night my beloveds, good night, she whispered,
And away she flew, to spread more joys and smiles and all darkness conquered!

Good night all! C ya all tomorrow!
Stay happy and blessed 🙂


Despise Myself!


Sometimes life is such a dirty joke! It leaves a slap on your face just when you think you were having a happy and pleasant day. This is one reason that I feel, that if I am too happy or pleased, I will be hurt the very next moment. Life doesn’t even let me enjoy the happiness, the joy also. Why does it have to be so mean to me?

I feel like such a helpless being. Why, life? Why are you so mean to me? Why are you so prude that a little smile on my face makes you so mad that you shower so much pain on me? I never understand what you want of me! Tell me for once and leave me alone then!

I never wanted to be what I am. I never wanted to be a strong and patient woman. I never wanted to be different from another woman. I never wanted to be a woman of knowledge or whatever you call. I want to be a normal woman, who can throw things around when no one listens to her. A woman who throws tantrums and people bear it. A woman who is happy under someone’s shadow, a woman who doesn’t think or have this so called “potential and calibre” that people treat me like a threat.

Sorry guys, just venting out! What use is this abilities if that takes you away from people who are special for you! Today on a Despise Myself mood!
Hope to get back on again with something good and a happy note!


What are we missing out?


Sitting on a chair, reading a newspaper, I get dumbfounded when I count the number of crimes like frauds, burglary and murders being committed not by illiterate people but by educated ones. They are techies, able and educated individuals working in firms and MNCs.

Ever wondered – as a parent or as a teacher or at least as a human – why are crimes being committed by the educated people? Why rapes, murders and fraudulent activities are being done by the learned ones? What is not in place that this seems to be happening  and happening increasingly?

As a parent, it frightens me, what if it happens to me or someone in my family? As a human, I am moved by the plight of the victims. But as a teacher, I wonder and think hard, what is it that they missed while they were getting educated? What have they missed out? What did the teacher forget to inculcate in his students? Why is it that having completed  their Masters and further studies, they are so low down in morals and family values?

The question and thought that keeps coming to my mind as a teacher is, what do I do that my student doesn’t become one of them! Why do we think that we as teachers should just impart worldly bookish knowledge, teach them skills, complete their courses? Why is there a rat race of numbers? Why are we just producing machines who have no human values, no human touch, no feelings for others? Why is selfishness and desire to rule become so prevalent, in a society which always was known for hospitality, tolerance and forgiveness?

Ever wondered, what use is this education, these degrees, these numbers and ranks if the child we molded is going to end as a criminal! Why don’t we ponder or observe on the child, his traits, his emotional issues, his problems, his silence, his depressions, his trauma, his WORLD!

Looking back into history the Gurukuls I feel gave the teacher and student a great bond, which made the student observe and learn all the aspects and traits needed to live a successful life from his teacher. Each move of the teacher, the Guru, was open to students and they were the role models.

Today too, your children might be looking up to you. They are observing you. They take you as their role models. It’s now on you to prove yourself worthy and be sincere in doing so, that will surely instill your values and traits of your character in your child, your students.

As a teacher, being a part of the same fraternity whom I am asking these questions? I know what we go through. I know how hard it is on our part alone to try and bring changes. I know what as a teacher we face each day at home and at our workplace. I know how each day we get ready and try to fulfill our duties, what each day each class teaches us while we teach them.

I know how hard it gets to manage a classroom of variety of students from various backgrounds and their emotions. I know how hard it seems sometimes to put in the whole of ourselves while there might be others trying to pull you down or influence your areas or even your thoughts. I know how sometimes the pay seems inadequate as per our needs or as per our inputs.

Yet, I strongly believe that as each profession is selected by an individual by his choice, a person becomes a teacher only on his choice. And once you make that choice, one should be ready and take it up as his own responsibility. Once you have taken it up, then these roadblocks shouldn’t prevent you from doing what this job needs.

These difficulties should not be a reason for a teacher and a parent, to miss out on teaching the most important thing for a child – his morals, his values; that make him a human being. If it was done by our teachers, who have inculcated these beliefs in us, I strongly feel that we all can do it, just that the amount of effort may be less for one and more for the other depending on the interest, the wish, the self motivation and feeling of responsibility on the part of the teacher.

As a teacher, it may seem I am burdening my own shoulders, but then what else is the solution? What do we do when parents aren’t there when the child needs them most? What do we do when parents are too busy either trying to earn for a proper meal or in some cases trying to get the most luxurious life for their children?

Do we leave the children alone and stranded? Do we blame it on parents and go back to our homes? Do we leave each child for the next level teacher to handle? Do we blame the school management, the other colleagues, the background, the upbringing and wash off our hands of our responsibilities? Why are our children not being strengthened with even basic character traits and morals like honesty and tolerance?

Why are our boys not having the respect for the girls? Why are rapes being committed day in and day out? Is it because of just the television, the media, the extra exposure? Are we really not to be blamed? Are we really doing all that we are supposed to do? Are we NOT MISSING out anything while we play our roles as teacher?

Now that’s a question each teacher and also a parent needs to question himself. We need to bring in a humane touch in our teaching process. We have to be concerned and worried about the child’s emotional and psychological needs, instead of trying to measure their performance and abilities in numbers.

Let us teach children to take failures as stepping stones for success, not the end of the world. We need to make them feel that a good human is more important than a bookworm. Let us try to make our teaching an overall process of a child’s development – his emotional, psychological and knowledge aspects. Let us prove that we are really the second parents of our students.

You and I, as a teacher have great powers and equally great is our responsibility. Let us not blame others and direct our energies in searching for scapegoats. Let us stand and take it up and do it, thinking that our efforts now could help these innocent faces around us to be great people and not end up behind bars for all the wrong reasons.

I believe I got my answers, and if God has shown me the way, He will surely guide me through it. For the rest, I hope, before it gets too late, many others would get their answers too.

My Note: This is something that always bothers me. You may feel it as an outburst of emotions or some trait but I feel helpless when I see the generation binging on without values, emotions, trust, tolerance and care for each other. Scares me as I fear one day, humans will live on this planet but humanity would have died! Let’s not let such a day come!