36 colors of Rainbow! :)

Hello everyone!
There is something i wanted to share….. But I didn’t know how to announce this.

My amazing friend here, Josh, just made it easy for me to announce to all my friends here. My first step.

I may stumble and grumble
I may fall and fumble
But I know, unless I take the step,
I’ll never know, where my flight will take!

Thank you everyone as each one of you is special to me!
Lots of love!!

Chai & Biscuits

36 colors of Rainbow! πŸ™‚
36 colors of Rainbow or 36 shades of love, it is an amazing magical carpet weaved brilliantly, which takes us into the magical journey called LOVE&PAIN through verses. I always believe that Love is or should be left undefined, which only helps the artist to keep defining what LOVE is all about. In other words, it is always a Work-In-Progress, and you have done it brilliantly, capturing the quintessence of the magical word/world LOVE!
Now my personal favorites are the followings
7. Let’s walk in the rain!
14. If Love is…
21. How long do I wait?
22. I will be your lover!
29. The last dance in the rain!
Among those chosen 5, the last dance in the rain remains special. This is your first dance into the worlds of publications, the stage is set, dance gracefully. Wishes πŸ™‚

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