Month: September 2014

Do you read?

Hi all,

Well this is the first time I have finally managed to write a blog after thinking about it for so long! Not that it scares me but just that I felt I wasn’t ready for it yet. But sometimes you could be wrong in what you think. So with a little of anxiety and a wish to make whoever reads my work be a happy reader. I wish I can do that. That’s a dream I am going to pursue for now.

So, I love reading books. Books that make me not just feel but also take me into a world which just is not a fantasy.  So what is the criteria of selecting a book? For me just and instinctive selection works off. I am not very choosy but I am really not a Biography or Autobiography kind of person.

So, all the people out there, this is Syeda, a woman with some simple dreams and a simple wish to try to be a good writer. Wish me luck please.  Hope I will be able to do so. Take care till then. Catch you all soon.

Bye for now! 😉