Colossal Fame by Palak Tripathi was another interesting work to edit. The story did keep me intrigued and was a good attempt at creating a thriller with a dose of drama. The author does have the potential but will need to read more. With a few years of experience, she will be able to bring out better works.

About the author: Palak Tripathi is a young author studying journalism. She lives in Delhi and has an interest in singing as well. Colossal Fame is her first work.

Blurb: Colossal Fame, a house that harboured thousand secrets became the subject of Charlotte’s investigation after her mother and brother went missing mysteriously and her father married for the second time. Charlotte’s misery turned into nightmare when Seema, her governess was absent for a month and Charlotte’s step-mom ill-treated her, forcing her to leave her house. She met Aahil, a tribal boy, with whom she falls in love while solving the mysteries of the house and the death of her mother and brother.

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