Broken Face (Inspired Poetry)

The time has come again, for me to be amused by my muse 😋;)
This one is inspired by Sarah’s sketch titled Broken Face – you should see the sketch to have a better idea behind my poem.
Please have a look at her blog and her beautiful sketches! 😄💜

They broke my wings,
Left me incapable of flying,
Yet when they desired a display,
They demanded, I should soar high!

They broke my heart,
And let me cry over its pieces,
But when they ordered,
I had to hide those tears inside.

They broke my spirit
Leaving me distraught.
No mercy I expected off them
And they didn’t disappoint.

With every piece of mine that fell,
I crumbled like a damaged figurine.
The only part left of me now, which you behold,
Are the sealed lips, enclosing veiled mysteries of my life.



17 thoughts on “Broken Face (Inspired Poetry)

  1. Awww – this is sooooooo amazing!!! 🙂 It breaks my heart just reading it! It´s so wonderful, Syeda! I can´t believe that my little sketch evoked such a spring of piercing words! You are so talented and I´m very proud of you and of calling you my friend!! You absolutely rock!!! 🙂 XOXO

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    1. Thank you so much Sarah. Seems like a long time I wrote a poem, especially one in a collaboration with you. I don’t know how it comes but when I see an image/sketch/picture/photograph, the screws and nails start creaking! You are so kind to me always! 😊

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      1. You´re very welcome, Syeda! Yes, it really was a long time, but I felt that I mustn´t insist on it or push since I don´t have any right to do it anyway 😉 and especially when you were enjoying your holidays! And a creative process such as yours shouldn´t be forced. You should only write, when you feel like it, and I will always be soooo happy if you do!!! It is such a wonderful thing that images inspire you the way they do!!! 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on Secret Art Expedition and commented:
    My dear friend Syeda just posted this awesome poem that she´d written in response to one of my drawings and I´m totally over the moon!!! Please read it, visit her wonderful blog if you haven´t already done so and enjoy the beauty of her words!!!


  3. This poem evokes such depth of feelings. Well written suffering.

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    1. Thanks for reading and the comment! 🙂


  4. The only part left of me now, which you behold,
    Are the sealed lips, enclosing veiled mysteries of my life. – oohhh nice finisher, good work ☺

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  5. I love that ending, this is a wonderful and sad poem. Wonderfully written, as always 🙂

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  6. This is some poetry, Syeda! Such feeling I can discern thru your words!

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  7. wow, what a way to write about it.
    I write about these kinda things too..
    I hope you can come read them and maybe give me an advice on crafting beautiful writing pieces that provoke emotions. I hope to be better at writing! 🙂

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