Month: December 2016

Begone 2016, Embrace 2017!

As the clock ticks slowly, we all await the new year!

The calendar will change in the morning, the date will go back to being 1st. The year 2016 will slowly fade off and the new 2017 begin. We’ll keep scratching the 6 off and rewrite 7 for the first few days. And then slowly we’ll get accustomed.

The year ends and as all are busy partying or celebrating, I am left thoughtful. Another year passed by and what have my deeds been! Another year passed and did I make any dream come true?

Well, I did! 

And that didn’t happen suddenly! It has been a long journey all along.

From losing touch with the creative side and writing just speeches for students at events, to the thrill of touching my name on the paperback, that was a slow process, a metamorphosis!

It all started with me creating this blog. The time frame between 1st and 2nd post was nearly a year. And then a Facebook page happened! I wrote little bits for my friends there, while we discussed books and our writing skills.

The next thing I knew, I was pushed to blogging on a regular basis by my dear friend-mentor-guide-bhai(brother)-critic-support-beastie Josh.

And then I made some really good friends and met some really inspiring people here.

Sarah, my muse, has always made me come out of the safe box. She always challenged me with her sketches and paintings to write.

Ana Spoke, a dear friend who writes beautiful stories. I always loved her writing, her stories and her spirit. A warrior in herself!

Sumit, another friend-brother who has always been supportive and kind to me.

Elaine, a wonderful poetess and indeed an inspiration for me.

Lion, he isn’t around here these days but I learnt a lot from him and loved the spooky and scary feelings his writings brought me.

I met some lovely people, like Jenny, Josephine, Tam, Christopher, C theHappyMeerkat, Cathleen, Cynthia, and many many more! Fact is I don’t know them by names so here is it for allllllll of you! All of you who are reading this and I sincerely apologize if I am missing out someone.

And their constant support and guidance, their words of appreciation made me take that leap! I went ahead and got my poems in one place and released it as an eBook on Amazon Kindle. 

A couple of months later, it was selected by Woven Words Publishers to publish in paperback in India.

And now it is available internationally!!!

Well that gives me an opportunity to share the links for ordering. 😋😋😋

Kindly purchase or gift to someone you love!

Maybe it won’t find many readers, maybe it won’t reach zeniths. Maybe it won’t find homes around, but my 1st stepping stone has made me confident enough! paperback kindle kindle paperback

Every letter of the words I receive in comments gives me new hopes and strings new wings to my dreams. Motivating me to write my next one soon.

So, on a happy note and prayers on my lips, I wish the coming year brings in new joy and success to all of us. May the year 2017 bring prosperity and peace to all of us!

With lots of love and best wishes!!!

Stay happy and blessed my friend



*Author* Cover Release*Announcement* 

Nothing makes you feel good than to be able to share the dreams of others. 

Such an opportunity I have here too! I am gonna share with you all, the excitement and good news of another dreamer whose dream of becoming a published author comes true.

This is Woven Words’ new book that will soon hit the markets. 

Do check out the publishing house website if you have dreams likewise. Maybe your manuscript will be next to be selected for publication. So here comes the cover. The cover reveal was done today on Facebook.

Do check out these important links.

For the Event page where the cover reveal happened!

The Cover reveal

 The book is on for Preorder. Do check it out! For the international readers it will be coming up shortly.

Do spread the word and share it with your friends, let’s join in the author’s dreams! 

Love and best wishes!


Secrets, Sins and Struggles by Kamini Kusum – Book Review!

Hello my dear readers!

As we move towards the close of 2016, I am back with another review. And soon, I will be back with more stuff!

The book I am to review here is titled Secrets, Sins & Struggles – The journeys of five women – by Kamini Kusum. 

The cover:

The cover is really something that could garner your attention. With images of women spread across it surely is apt for its stories which have strong female leads. Some strong women who emerge out of dire situations.
The blurb

Secrets, Sins and Struggles is a collection of short tales. It is about the lives of five women, tracing their long, eventful journeys that are anything but linear.

Meet Pooja, a teenager forced into the flesh trade but determined to escape and get justice.

Shrawani who dreams of becoming a bureaucrat despite all the trials life throws her way.

Avni who is torn between her childhood friend and her brand new boyfriend.

Harsha who is trapped in a loveless marriage while still being daunted by thoughts of her forsaken lover.

Geshna who falls head over heels for a high school sweetheart only to find her own life shrinking to accommodate his.

These stories are about the odds stacked against women in their path to love and success.

They are also about hope that the next turn will lead to the happiness and success they all long for.

About the author:

Kamini Kusum is a management professional working in an MNC. In her eleven years of professional experience, she has worked in top IT companies such as TCS & HCL. She is a movie buff, while writing is her passion. She lives in Delhi with her husband and two daughters.

My review:

The essence of short stories lies in the different genres and emotions that each story has. The different stories in this book, show various situations and the different ways each woman faces and overcomes.

The stories are very interesting and they do keep you intrigued to know how the story would end. It keeps us thinking, what is in store for the main character whose story we are reading. The characters grow not just physically but even emotionally, making them all very humane. 

The only trouble as a reader was the flow of the stories. Sometimes they seemed too rushed up. Too many things happen too fast and the narrative seems to be hastening towards the end/climax of the story. But that too I think is because these are short stories. It’s indeed difficult to make the story move ahead within constraints.

My rating: 3.5/5 

I would recommend it to you if you enjoy short stories. Short stories which let you have a glimpse of the intricacies of the Indian society and the troubles and turmoils women of India go through in most parts of the country. The language and narration was well written. The author certainly deserves praise for writing about the issues and the plight of women everywhere. Do read it if you like short stories! Check out on Amazon.

Let me know what you think of my reviews!

OK folks, so I hope to be back soon with something more!

Lots of love and best wishes.


The Resurrection of Evil by Neelabh Pratap Singh – Book Review

An amazing book is going to be reviewed here. Do check it out! I am really glad to have received this book from the Book Bank group! Do check out the group and join in helping the indie writers.

The book is titled The Resurrection of Evil by Neelabh Pratap Singh.


When an antique artifact is stolen from National Museum, Delhi, a reckless and stubborn police officer ACP Aryan is placed at the helm of the case. Uncovering each layer of the truth, Aryan discovers that the people on the hunt for the artifact are the descendants of those who are found only in the scriptures of Indian mythology – The Asuras.

From the gateway of Lord Vishnu – Haridwar to God’s own country – Kerala, from fiery pursuits to narrow escapes, the mystery of the artifact draws Aryan into a lethal maze of vengeance, betrayal and dreadful secrets. With time slipping out of hands like sand, Aryan must unravel the secret motive of his adversaries. Else, this story of Good vs Ancient evil might not end with the victory of Good.


Mythology is something which fascinates each one of us. In some or the other way, it seems like a magical world where strangest things happen. It is kind of a magical land for adults, something like fairy tales for children. And that’s how I felt when I read the Indian mythological story by Neelabh.

The story really keeps you hooked with the fast pacing unexpectedly turning plot. The bumpy ride with Aryan, the protagonist, surprises you and throws you around, traveling from Haridwar to Kerala. Mythology and fairy tales are just like a time machine taking you across places and events. So if you are reading this, just fasten your seat belts and be ready for the ride!

Aryan is a really well written character and his story runs parallel to the plot. He is the unconvinced and unpredictable man. A strong and admirable character indeed by the author.

I would give this book a 4.5/5 rating. A book that you will surely enjoy if you like reading mystery, thrillers and mythology blended together.

I really hope the author writes the next story ahead with Aryan solving another mythological mystery. Now that’s a question for the author! 

Do check it out friends! Order it now from Amazon.

Hope to be back soon with another review and something I write – wonder when that will happen! 😮😮

Lots of love and best wishes my dear friends!


My Blind Father by Anuj – Book Review

The next book review is here fellas!

The book I am here to review today is My Blind Father by  Anuj.


This story will take you into the depths of child psychology to understand the child, to help the child, to provide them an environment where they can grow to their best potential.

From the beginning of civilization, we are growing by ignoring child. Because it is very easy to ignore a child, you can tell them to shut up. You can force them yo sit silently, so we forget how to understand a child.

Your world is perfectly well without understanding a child. But now you can see the results. Ignoring a child, disrespecting the freedom of a child is producing criminals in the society.

Now we need to understand a child to make our society crime less. This book is to help everyone to understand the child. To make our civilization more civilized.


The story is quite intriguing. It delves on the relationship between the protagonist and his father. The kind of freedom and liberties the father gives his son and limits the control on his child is indeed a positive element of the book. 

The story also focuses on the need to remodel our education system. This strain in the storyline did lead to me think how our education system and the societal pressure force the parents to ensure that their child is doing something ‘productive’ and success is measured by money, not inner growth or development. 

Yet the story also makes me ponder that if parents don’t keep a certain limit of control then children do fall into the wrong tracks. Though it can be argued that once fallen the child learns to stand up again, I wonder how many children really are able to collect their courage and stand firm again. 

Indeed a book that will make you think over a lot of things. A very unique story. It does get a bit slow in the middle but once you cross over those pages, the story gets it hold back on you!

I’d give the book a 3.5/5. The only issue I had was as with the previous book of Anuj, it just gets quite preaching-kind at places. 

That’s it my dear friends. Soon I’ll be back with something, a poem/review/short story…… It has been such a long time since I wrote a short story! 😐😮

Do check back my previous post and send in your entries for the #WovenWords_Dream_Team.

Best wishes for all!



Join the #WovenWords_Dream_Team!

​After a shout out calling for authors and writers to join Book Bank on Facebook, for book reviews and other pre and post publishing activities, I am here to share a wonderful opportunity with all my friends who love to review books.

We all know how difficult it is to write a full fledge novel. Then reaching out to the agents or publishers is a totally different ball game. Keeping that in mind, I feel that as reviewers how we could probably play an important role in a writer’s journey in becoming an author. A published author! 

So, this is one new initiative which I wish to see my friends join as a team while we strive to fulfill more dreams! 

Here is the formal announcement about it!


Calling all bloggers/social media markets/youtubers etc.

As everyone is gearing up for the holiday season and awaiting the silent transition from 2016 towards 2017, we are working towards making some dreams come true. 

In this journey, we are looking to create a team of individuals who want to play a role in fulfilling these dreams. 

* Anyone who blogs and reviews books can join us. You’d be hosting events on Facebook and help to spread the news.

For more details, please log on to Woven Words website!


Feel free to reach out to me or the website mentioned to know more and register yourself in the #WovenWords_Dream_Team

Hope to see you all coming along :):)

Best wishes!