What do I say!

How is everyone? How was the weekend? How has the week begun for you? Mine was reallllllly great!! You know why!! 😁

I’m so glad to be back to this world of my friends and words. There was a feeling of a missing part these days and that seems found, when I started reading the posts which I had missed. Wow! Feels like connected back to everyone.

My weekend was quite hectic. My siblings-in-law ( I really hope that can be said, as it includes my husband’s brother and his sister! 😋) are back in Hyderabad and planning to settle down. Now that includes giving finishing touches to their newly constructed houses and admissions in schools. Such a hard task those things are!! 😯😯

I had a walk down the memory lane, seeing them apprehensive, concerned about which school to apply to, which mode of transport to use, which blah, which blah-blah!! :?:?

They are ready to put them in the most expensive schools, most expensive automobiles, decorate with lavish chandeliers and tapestries and other such things. Now I was quite happy to see them doing it, as I know how hard it is to transform a house into a home.

The whole experience suddenly seemed awkward and sheer foolishness, when I was told, that they are experimenting!
What??? 😱😱😱
You need to experiment if you can stay back in your own country? 😮😮😒😒
I mean buying houses of some seven figures, getting admissions into BIG NAME schools, and all that, is just an experiment!!

Reminded me of the NASA and others, experimenting about life on MARS, yet can’t provide food and water to those living on EARTH!

I got nothing to do dude, your money, your wishes, save it, keep it, tear it off or burn it away, it’s your call! Good luck!!

Just disappoints me to see that a poor mother sells off one child of hers, to get some meagre amount to buy food for the other children.
A poor farmer commits suicide, due to the destroyed crops and the huge amount of loan he has to pay. Scores of girls are waiting to get married, as the demand for dowry is increasing.
Maybe we can’t help everyone, but just maybe, with a little compassion, we could realize, if He has blessed us with luxuries, it is fair to use them for our well being. But we do need to keep a tab on what we do for the needy. That too will be questioned!

For at the end of this whole life on earth, we all have to settle our accounts with Him!!

With hope and prayers for all those around us. With lots of love and best wishes, here’s SFR signing off!!
Stay happy and blessed all! 😘😍😄😄


14 thoughts on “What do I say!

  1. This post made me both sad and smile. Sad because of the ironies around us. And smile because of the message you conveyed through this post. I will think about it deeply and do my best possible effort for the same.

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  2. Reminds me of Sudha Murthy’s interview I had seen on TV many years ago. She said it was very difficult for her to raise her children and inculcate the sense of simplicity in them. Having a dad who is a tycoon the kids knew they can get what ever they wish for. She said the biggest challenge was to convince kids that although they could afford a certain thing, they do not need it, hence they will not get it! Wow.. I just loved the thought. I would love to inculcate this sense in my kids if I have any some day! Nothing wrong with ur siblings-in-law, its their call indeed!

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    1. Exactly. That’s what is to be inculcated in the new generations. Children want it just for the sake of showing off or for their status among friends. It is vital as parents and also as teachers to show the children the line between necessity and luxury!
      Absolutely it is their call. And I implied it subtly to them, lest I be labelled jealous or ignorant or miser!! 😮😒

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