Month: October 2015

Rose, my witness of love!


What does this flower mean to you?
She asked me a question, why, I had no clue.

It was a beauty, one that would make one gasp,
But not everyone could extent his hand to grasp.

And then I told the fact, nothing but the truth,
The blooming rose reminded me of her youth.

The velvety feel of the petals, was still on my finger,
Every time I saw it, it would stay back and linger.

The soft petals reminded me of her skin,
The softness, the touch, it would make my heart spin.

The way she smiled, she frowned and laughed,
It looked like from the rose, all thorns were barred.

The rose was in her hand, now old and dried,
But she had it still with her, even though it had died.

Years had passed between us, love and fights, all endured,
She could still make me weak kneed whenever she smiled.

The mesmerizing curve of lips, the sparkling green eyes,
In her warm and loving arms, paradise for me lies.

She still nudges me, to make me listen to her words,
And I still love seeing her smile and move her fingers like flying birds.

We’re in eighties, yet she makes my heart flutter and dance,
And she says it’s me who cast a spell and sent her into a trance.

We still walk around holding hands, or arm in arm,
She still writes her name on my widespread palm.
I know, we will be separated someday,
But not a breath without her, can I stay.

Take me, O Lord, before her, I pray,
It pains me how she would live, her traumatic stay.

Undoubtedly, she needs me as much as I need her,
And linked by arms, we pray to die together.



Marie, the brave or the lover!

Today I want to share something with you all. Hope you like it.

Marie, an American journalist, worked for the British newspaper The Sunday Times since 1985. She was known for her strong personality and quickly established herself. She was a strong woman, a dedicated journalist, a hard worker and a woman crafted for hardships rarely preferred by women. This had even resulted in an incident where she lost one of her eyes. But she was not one to move away from her goal. Her view of the world was different. She wanted to show people how normal people were suffering in other places while other normals were living unaffected. Most of the people out of the war prone areas only felt a tinge of sorrow and pain and then just as quickly they were out of it. She wanted to change that outlook of people.

She always had one person, whom she would talk about her works and her plans. Gerald. She met him in 1975, while graduating from the Yale University. Things between them, were always different. They had been intimate earlier but then ended up as lifelong friends. She always urged him to write, while he was amazed at the schedule she had and the way she did her things perfectly and bravely. She always asked him to pen down a novel as she believed there was enough material in his life, his eventful life, for a few novels.


They both shared a love for literature. Unknown to many was the fact that she was a bookworm. Marie agreed to help in rewriting and editing the book. She also took it up on her to get the book published once it was ready. That was the final nudge Gerald needed to put his words on paper. Once he started working on the idea of the story and began to put words on paper, there was no looking back. First it was like forcing himself to write for three hours a day, and then the story started to take a life of its own. And soon he was writing ten, twelve or sixteen hours a day. Every day began with an email to his good friend, Marie, to tell her what he had written and would be writing. She called him to London for a meeting with agents so that he could see her promise come true.

When she was far, on international projects, they mailed and stayed in touch. Covering international events was her specialty, the more scarier the situation, the more she was attracted to it. And then Syria called her. She had the opportunity she was waiting for, to go to Syria and cover the siege, the crisis there. Not one to be deterred by wars or risky places, she took it up. She entered the Syrian borders, the war zone at its worst.


She remained in touch with Gerald through mails or calls whichever was possible. Yet on that fateful day, something made him change his routine. On February 22, 2012, instead of writing to Marie, Gerald googled her name. What he found shook the ground under his feet! There was an eleven-minute-old story of how she had been killed in Syria. On hearing this, totally shaken by the unexpected news, Gerald drank for days and days unless he couldn’t take it anymore. And then he realized he had something more to do. Something to do for her.

At her funeral, Marie’s sister Cathleen Colve told him about the things they had found with her, at the place she had been struck in the war zone. Her backpack, lying near her dead and still body, included just a few things: a change of clothes, two satellite phones and the 387 pages of Gerald’s manuscript. Cathleen realized her sister’s wish and they sent the manuscript to one of the agencies Marie had contacted. After some changes and edits were made, the book was ready. Gospel Prism was dedicated to Marie, by Gerald Weaver.

Was this true love? Was this friendship? Sometimes, we always carry a person within us in ways which not just them even we do not know. Sometimes the relationships are so strong, they need no names. Ironically, Marie and Gerald married, but it was not to each other. Yet their bond was stronger than many, which are named or accepted in society.  They both saw the same dream. She wanted him to see his dream come true. She became his foundation, his base. Sometimes love lives longer and forever in the most unique ways. And such was the cord that connected Gerald with Marie.



Marie, her college days.

Fact: Gerald Weaver’s “Gospel Prism” was published in United Kingdom on 21 May 2015.
His novel “Gospel Prism” came to light when the American-born British journalist, Marie Colvin, aged 56, died whilst covering the siege of Homs in Syria on February 22, 2012. Her backpack when recovered was found to contain basic supplies: a change of clothes, two satellite phones and Weaver’s manuscript.


My Note: War comes with a huge price. One can never know the extent of loss unless one has lost someone in it. One can never repair the destruction caused. War takes away many, but how much do you get back from it.
There have been many other journalists/photographers who died like her, but her story came to my knowledge through the man himself. It was a heartrending true story but it made me feel honored to be given a chance to write about it. Thanks Gerald Weaver. Stay happy and blessed. Marie is always going to be with you and I hope her blessed soul looks over me too! 🙂



Good night, Love!


A few lines, I penned down when an aunt of mine shared this picture on Facebook!

Sitting solely by the piano, 
The moon shining high above yet so low,

Is it serenity, solitude or my destiny,
The dream, the wish of love I fulfill of many.

My own world of wishes is hollow, O soul,
Pressing the keys, I let the love songs flow,

Let love spread far, far and wide,
Let dreams settle on every eye.

Good night my love, good night
Closed eyes with a dreamy smile, 

Oh what a handsome sight!
Good night, my love, good night!


The World of Mine!


Sometimes, I sit back and stare at the space beyond me. I sit and watch all the people walk around, busy in their own thoughts and worlds. Their faces so weighed down by worries they hide within. Their eyes wide open yet they are like hidden treasures. What do they hide, unbeknownst to them!

What is this that I feel, even when surrounded by people? What is this feeling of incompleteness? Why are there laughing faces and happy smiles, but yet a silent solitude around me? Why is there a tear always on the threshold of my eyes?

Living alone or among many, being loved or unloved, being close or far from relatives or friends, all this has no relativeness to the feeling of loneliness. Loneliness, for me, is a state of feeling alone or a feeling of being lost! Living with family around, I may never feel alone, but there are times when I do feel lost.

Having beautiful people around me, I count myself one lucky woman. Then why is there this lost feeling? This feeling of being present yet unaware. This feeling of moving away from all, in a fraction of time and then back to the place from where you had departed.

For me, this is the time I start speaking to myself. The voices in my mind start conversing, sometimes among themselves, sometimes with me! They tell me what they see and do, they tell me what they feel and believe. They tell me so much, that when they leave and I return to reality, I miss them. I miss those soft whispers and revelations they make.

Am I insane or is it normal? I do not know. But, I enjoy this loneliness I share with the voices in my head. I love to know them. And these are usually the words that come out through me as a blog, as words typed via a keyboard. I wish I can make the stories some of them tell me come out, in a printed format. Some day, soon. Some day!

Til then, let me have those talks with them. Let me hear them out. Let me enjoy some more. Let me live in the other side of the world of my mind!


A thought provoking series!

Hope you all liked my previous blog. Today, I would share something on a serious note.

Recently I saw another anime series, which really made me think of the reality and world we live in. The last blog was about an Anime series – Death Note. Today, I would like to share about one called Akame ga Kill. Many thoughts cropped up while I was watching it, so I wanted to share them here.


Akame ga Kill is a thriller and action anime. But the concepts and message it showed was something not unknown. The whole series is from the point of view of the male protagonist, Tatsumi. He is a villager, who has high hopes and dreams when he leaves the village and moves to the Imperial city. He wants to be part of the army and serve the country. He leaves the village with his friends.

He meets two young females, who literally change his life. He is shown what actually is happening in the city. He sees how the rich and elite treat the poor. They live in fortified palaces and secure homes, at the expense of the poor; treating them as toys or pawns in their hands. He meets amazing fighters or assassins, dreaded by the empire, called Night Raid. Some amazing members you would meet are – Boss, Leone, Mine, Lubb, Akame, Chelsea, Susanoo. All of them, wielding ancient relics which give them special powers to fight the empire. The army has its own soldiers and fighters who too possess different relics, which they use to fight beasts, rebels and Night Raid.


How Tatsumi fights with his own self to understand and take a side, how he searches for answers to the questions his mind and heart raise, how each person has faced injustice and suffered loss that made them rebel against their rulers, forms the crux of the story. There are some adorable characters,some deserve nothing but hatred. Some funny moments and some emotional turmoils. Some heartbreaks, some beautiful moments. If you are fine with the dressing up and a little anime mature content, then it should be fine. I was kind of not bothered by it, as the thought provoking content was much important for me. 😄

Watching this series, made me ask myself – how different was this anime/manga from reality. Looking around, we find the rich toying with the lives of the poor. We see the people killed for the slightest reasons. We see terror so widespread that people aren’t ready to fight for their rights. We find people separated as though they aren’t humans but some breed of animals. We are shown how the poor and destitute are used as guinea pigs. We see the way, people believe and see what their rulers or governments want them to see.

The refugee crisis around the world, the killings done for some personal benefits, the terror and insecurity created among the people to keep their thrones and seats safe, the dirty politics which sees no one but its gain, the way the leaders brainwash the minds of their people to make them act as they command, all these will slowly come into your mind and make you think about the world we live in. And question yourself, is this the world we want to create and give to the next generations.

A little serious one this time, couldn’t stop myself from thinking and sharing this. Ponder on this and let me know too! Take care. Stay safe and blessed all.
Lots of love
Sayonara! ☺


Let’s watch something different!

Surprise surprise! Today I am not reviewing a book or writing a poem. I am going to talk about a completely new thing. Japanese anime.

My brother always keeps telling me to watch them. I always escaped saying they are cartoons, right?
Well, I was in for surprises. When I started watching one series, I should say, it got me hooked.

Quite some time back I saw Death Note, a completely unique storyline. It is about a college student who happens (not a coincidence though) to get a notebook. Now, this is no ordinary notebook. The person who gets it becomes the owner of it. This dreadful notebook comes with a Shinigami, a spirit – quite devilish one!


Wondering what’s so special about the notebook? If the owner of the book writes down the name of a person, that person dies. If the owner writes how and when, then they die exactly in the same way. Else by a cardiac arrest in the next few seconds.

The hero, Light Yagami, now the owner, plans to rid the world of all crimes and wrongs, but then, that too means taking law into hands.

Enters, detective Lawliet, whom the world knows and calls “L”. Ohhhhh dear! 💝


How I fell for this character! His unique persona adds more to the story. You are really on a mission with these two guys. A cat and mouse race. A hide and seek game. Be ready for lots of twists and turns if you going to attempt it. Maybe heartbreak, maybe sadness, maybe grief. New idea, new themes and new characters add more to the story.

In the beginning, you kind of like Yagami but then L takes the crown! It also talks about good and bad, right and wrong. The world and how each one perceives things as they want! The series was a completed one so I watched it in a couple of days. And then began my connection with Animé.

Recently I watched another one, would love to tell you all about, the next time.
Lots of love.
Sayonara! 💜


When I See Your Face – Review


As I am on a holiday, I am able to read some books which I had on my TBR since a long time. No wonder books are a person’s best friend. If I had kept a person on hold for so long, they’d probably left me alone long time ago! 😥

So here I am ready to review a book I finished today. It’s called “When I see your face”, written by Devika Fernando.

A new author I got hold of, and I should thank my luck for it, as I really loved the book. It is a different story (at least for me 😄) and I really felt that the character of Cathy was quite a common scene where a woman tries hard to save her marriage. Every kind of abuse she endures. But there is always a limit to the amount of things that can be bore or endured. She reaches that point and leaves.

What happens next in her life, was not just beyond her imagination but mine too! She is confronted by Michael who is, let us say, an exact copy of her husband, Mark. What is she supposed to do! Why is it that the same appearance and eyes which gave her shivers of fear, suddenly seem to make her feel restless! Why does she seem to like and hate the same features at the same time! And what situations and events she faces in life, till she makes up her mind, that is what the whole story is all about!

I plan to start Rating the books I review from hereon.

So, I would rate the book on the scale of 5, and this book gets a 4!
I would really recommend it to readers who like books with twists and turns 😇
A simple and beautiful love story. If you like simple, non explicit romance ( I mean no hardcore intimate scenes etc) then this book will bring a smile on your face. Personally I felt the story ended, while I was still wishing it would tell me more.

I believe this is the author’s first book, so I am really looking ahead to read the other books of hers. Good luck to her for her future writings.

Lots of love to all.
Byeeee for now! 🙂