Month: June 2016

Day 28 – June1-30Challenge

Hello Blogging World!!

Day 28 Twenty-eight Dominoes

June 28, 1914. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, was assassinated in Sarajevo along with his wife, Duchess Sophie. This assassinated started a domino effect resulting in World War I.

There are 28 dominoes in a full set of dominoes. Do you like to play dominoes? Do you like to play games? Why or Why not? What are your favorite games? Tell us about a time you played a game with friends or family.

Or write about The Big Game from your high school or college days.

Maybe you don’t like game playing, especially in relationships. Write about that.

Alternative: Write about your favorite pizza.

Well, reading this post kind of made me hum a tune, Quit playing games with my heart…. Backstreet Boys! Goodness, some time back, I had a huge and I mean a HUGE crush on that group.

How about a poem…
Quit playing games with my heart!

Those vicious winks you threw at me,
I managed to dodge and stay free.

You kept making those attempts
I avoided those arrows you aimed.

Those chivalrous gestures, and honeyed smiles,
Somehow don’t strike to be the true you.

Don’t think you can plunder through the fort
Which I have built around my body and soul.

My body is not a play thing, to be handed down to you,
The hardened heart of mine is not softened by those warm eyes.

The territory of my heart is a threshold you cannot cross over,
So quit trying to play games with my heart!

Done with day 28! Now just two more days left for me to go with! 😁
Hope to get back soon!


Day 27 – June1-30Challenge

Hello my lovely friends!

I am back with the challenge post! Reached to day 27! Finalllllllyyyyy!! 😋😋

Day 27 Twenty-seven Sentences

June 27, 1927. On this date the United States Marine Corps adopted the English bulldog as their official mascot. 

Write about any subject. You can write about a Marine, a bulldog, or an Englishman if you’d like. You can write about anything! But you must write exactly twenty-seven sentences. No more. No less.

Alternative: Write a poem with 27 words or syllables.

So here I go with the Alternative option! 😁

Raindrops falling from sky,
  Spreading petrichor-ial ecstasy.
    Falling on parched skin,
      They drench me with your love.
        Lovelorn songs and sonnets,
          Quenching fires of passion and desires!

The rain drops falling around me, brought  out these words!
Stay happy and blessed!
© S.F.R.

United with my knight!


How difficult it is to wait,
And hope you’d cross the gate.
With wish to see you there,
Right before my eyes to stare.

Those black irises, fluttering around,
I find them filled with similar desperation.
My trembling lips, unable to voice out words,
The gushing blood, swirling a whirlpool in heart.

The burning desire to touch the callused skin,
And listen to every story, each pore has got to say.
The raging fire, rising higher within my bone and flesh,
As you step closer towards me, concealing your distress.

The calling of my name, in your husky seductive voice,
Thrills me endlessly. I end up helpless in those arms,
With tears flowing endlessly, with emotions rising as waves,
With heart that feared separation, I’m united with my knight!

After quite a long time, I wrote this piece of poetry!
Stay happy and blessed, my dear friends.

Day 26 – June1-30Challenge

Day 26 Marathon

June 26, 2016. Marathons are being held today in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii; Santa Cruz, California; Lubec, Maine; and Arlington, Virginia. The race in Arlington is indoors. 

I’m not doing any of them. I may run or ride a few miles, though. 

A marathon is 26.2 miles. Marathoners don’t start out running 26.2 miles! They start small and train for it. They work hard to reach that distance.

Tell us about something you worked for. Something you thought you might never accomplish, but you did.

If you have actually run a marathon, you can write about that!

Never have I participated in a marathon. Have you?? 😮

So, coming to the challenge, something I thought I might never accomplish but never did earlier.

Though I have been a Language teacher for long, I had never directed a play/drama for school. So last year, when I was entrusted with the responsibility of making the students perform on a drama, I was in a dilemma. And it was in the second year of mine at this school. So, I was still seen as a new person in the staff. 🙂

From looking up for dramas or plays, to simplifying it for the younger children to understand, from props to costumes, all seemed like a daunting mission.

The theme for all the plays was decided to be Classic One Act plays. I zeroed on a couple. A senior teacher of the school helped me though.

When finally I met the director of the school, with the script and all ( nearly a fortnight’s work!), she wasn’t amused. She had a different thing in mind.
She suggested to avoid the monotony of the plays being prepared, she proposed that I get my students ready with a musical. A complete 360° turn around from the main theme! 😨😨

I went totally blank. Probably reading my expressions, she urged to pick up The Sound of Music and make it happen.
I had to start from scratch. Make it simple, child friendly, understandable, noncontroversial and value oriented. How could I do all this to a movie, a classic in itself! 😱

I picked up the scenes of Maria as a nun, her arrival at the Trapp house and the way she wins the heart of the seven motherless children. The moral “Love conquers all”!😍

The script was read by the Director and she said, I still hear those words, ‘I am eager to see how you’re going to get this done!’ Those words filled me with more anxiousness. I had to do it better!

Script was redone with minor changes, copies made, auditions done and finally practice began. The next fortnight went in this. Dresses were discussed, props arranged and stored, music recorded and edited, lines learnt and forgotten, shouts and shrieks, laughter and worry, and the day came for the final performance.

I had more butterflies in my stomach than even the students who were performing onstage. When my troupe got on stage, I was to keep the music and all in place. Shivering in my own body, I was going cold as slowly the performance began.

As I moved my eyes around, the songs played. The actors performed!
“Maria” got all the children and adults laughing with the nuns blessing Maria! “Do Re Mi” led to finger tapping by the director and the rest of the management, and laughter from the children. Those smiles and applaud after the bow by the actors, the beaming faces of my performers, it was all such an amazing thing.
Ours was a musical, successful and recollected even today with amusement.

So, that’s about it! A marathon like post for you all to read! 😂😂
Stay happy and blessed!