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It is a long time since I put up something on my blog here. Well, so here I am with a book that I read recently. I have been reading around but as most of them are books that do not need much to be told, I thought to return to the blog to share about a book from a new author – do my part so as to support new writers on the block!

So the book I read and am here to review is titled We met for a Reason by Subrat Saurabh.



“We met for a reason”, is an intriguing story of a guy named Karan who met three different women at various phases of his life. It moves with how he went on a roller coaster ride of emotions while dealing with these pretty nymphs and his own idea of life, where relationships are beyond the emotional tie ups, have zero expectations and absolutely no commitment.

Karan was fortunate enough to experience the real flavours of love in the form of warm affection, spicy sex and sour betrayal. His idea of romantic relationship is something which starts with a friendship, progresses with fingerlicious food at a restaurant, gets intense in a pub, gets sealed with a lip lock and later dissolves into a one-night stand. However, destiny had a different plan where he ended up falling in love with a girl, whom he thought to be, just another pawn in his journey of self-satisfaction. 

Sometimes even a short-lived relationship or an incident creates a huge impact on a person’s mind and may change the direction of his life. Life goes through a drastic change for Karan due to an incident and he realizes the importance of relationships.


The book moves around the life and the principles of our protagonist Karan. He is a carefree and a happy-go-lucky guy who is wary of commitments. The story revolves around his meeting with a gentle and pretty girl called Anika. He is looking forward to gaining her trust and friendship, and also to win her love and affection. Things move slowly as Anika starts getting friendly and enjoys his company.

The only issue is that he isn’t ready for any commitment. He does not regard them as a couple. And things come tumbling down for both of them when Anika wants them to celebrate Valentine’s day like any other couple and Karan has got different plans which she is totally unaware of. It doesn’t take long for Anika to realize what position she holds in Karan’s life. Gradually she comes to terms with it but does not end their friendship.

Things take a turn for Karan when he meets Shanaya. She is the one with whom he feels he has finally fallen in love. And he does not expect someone to treat him the way he has been treating others. And things twist further in life for him. All this makes him realize what he could end up losing trying to run behind something he never had! This makes him finally accept love that was always by his side.

I found it to be a light read. There is not much to talk about the protagonist who lives with the principle, ‘Sorry! but that’s me!’ At times the reader may feel pity for him while at other times you may just get annoyed at the way he sees life and acts selfishly. Finally destiny puts things moving drastically for the flamboyant Karan and he realizes his flaws. That’s when he understands what love means and how he has been blind to it all along!

Rating: 3.5/5

So, if you want to pick up a book which you do not need to put much thought into and leaves you with a Bollywood-ish taste, then do go for it!

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