My journey with RL!

As the countdown to the reopening of school has started ticking, I am trying hard to complete a few more books which I was planning to read since long. A few I picked up unplanned, and more got added to my TBR. Well, it just keeps swelling every few days. I wish I were a fast reader. Yet I love to read and sometimes re-read books!

Last couple of days, in spite of being busy here and there, I am trying my best to re-read Dan Brown’s Inferno. I’ve read it earlier and enjoyed the whole trip with the symbologist Robert Langdon. But when I saw the movie trailer on youtube, I felt as though the whole thing had just vanished from my memory. 😱😱
So you know, I just had to read it again.

The end is probably set somewhere in my mind, still while I am reading it and pursuing the Shadow with Robert, it feels like a new journey all along.

There are a few lines which I came across till now – yes I’m still reading it!! Actually this is the worst reading of mine, I’d say, because every time I pick a Dan Brown book, I finish it in 3 days! So rereading has actually made me lazier I guess! 😒😒

Anyways, this is one line which struck me.


And the other, the most striking one of this book of DB is this!


I have about half the book left to read. I’m at the church where Robert and Sienna come looking for Dante’s mask. The death mask!
Wanna know more? Read it sweetheart! 😄😁

Actually, you know what, nothing is popping or running in my brain and so I am just annoying you all with my gibberish posts!! 😁

So, back to Inferno or my world of Dreamo! 😋😋

Stay happy and blessed!!


2 thoughts on “My journey with RL!

  1. Enjoy 🙂
    Dan Brown gets a lot of crap, but The Davinci Code was a great read.

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    1. Yes it was! That was the first I read of his. 🙂

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