A wonderful poem, apt to the warring world around us!

The Scribbler

You say you do everything for me,
for my future, for my life.
But then why you create such things,
why in the world of land, you need wings?

I want just peace and happiness for me,
I ask nothing more than this.
Then why these fights, why these wars,
why you always look for something more.

Why can’t we be happy with what we have?
We think it’s good to have more on map

Do you realize what you’re leaving for us?
The pain, the hatred and the anger.
Thousands of mouths, nothing to discuss!

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2 thoughts on “THE WAR

  1. Beautifully written . So expressive . This piece contains finer qualities . Very subtle qualities of depiction . Flawless poem – that comes as the Journal of the sea! Lovely post ! Thanks for sharing this !

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