Day 25 – June1-30Challenge

Hi all!
So here I am with day 25 challenge! Here it comes…..

Day 25 Photo Challenge

June 25, 1967. Broadcasting of the first live global satellite television program took place on this date. It was a show calledOur World

Without the invention of the camera, we would not have television.

Today is your last photo challenge! This one may seem difficult, but you can do it!

Using your camera, take a video about Your World and share it.

Alternative: Post a picture representing the number 25. It can be twenty-five items, twenty-five people, or something showing the number 25.

Alternative: Post a gallery of 25 photos that have a shared theme. You can cheat a bit on this one and post five galleries each with five photos having a shared theme.

Well, I don’t find many photos in my collection. Finally after a lot of looking around, I found a photo which maybe appropriate.

Me at age 25! 😇😇


Catch up soon with all of you!
Lots of love and best wishes!


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