A simple short story, to show how we and our children are being effected by the wish to maintain “status and class” among peers. In the end we lose those moments which we could have made memories in!
Thanks for reading!
P.S. Yours Truly will be back soon… 😉

The Scribbler

While those rain drops kept falling from the sky, I rushed towards the shade of the bus stop. The little drizzle seemed to be transforming into a heavy rain, with the frequency and size of the raindrops increasing. I moved inside further to avoid getting wet and spoiling my new dress.

Maa had warned, Take an umbrella, Ritu. It might rain in the evening.
Carrying an umbrella was so awful. I mean does any college going girl like to carry an umbrella or things of the olden times to colleges.
Even school girls don’t do that anymore. It’s just not classy!

Maa can never understand, I have my own class and status to maintain at college. What would those girls think? They would talk behind my back and regard me as a middle class, lower than them, unclassy belle! They’d giggle at me, God knows for how many ages.


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