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The world today is transcending into a single home. People living in different corners of the globe are connected to each other. Crossing barriers of culture, location, religion, region, language and beliefs, people are stepping into each other’s homes and lives, all thanks to the advancement of the technology and the fast progress of the internet. Is that a good thing? Of course it is, isn’t it? Wonderful! But have you thought, what about the basic unit of society? Is that unit also becoming progressive?

What is the basic unit of a society? Family. Just like the cell which is the basic unit of a living thing, a family is the base of a society.
If cells become weak, can the body survive?
Simply stated, when those cells aren’t strong, the body becomes weak and one ends up with infections and diseases. Sounds like a biology class!!
Yes it does…

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  1. Congratulations on you article :). I commented on the article itself but wanted to add a big congrats here :D! I hope you’re enjoying all the posting around everywhere. I had to refollow you on my trending stories as it deleted all our followers :(, and now I can’t log in :o!
    Lol anyway hope you enjoy it all your articles just like your other creative work is amazing 😀 :):)

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    1. Thank you so much C! Articles are allowing me to share my thoughts on a wider spectrum. My blog is where I do what I love the most – my stories and poems!
      P.S. It’s nice to refer to you as C, instead of Meerkat! 😊😊

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