My article was posted on The Scribblers’ blog.
Do check it out and follow their blog for interesting posts!



  1. Terrific article, Syeda! You rock!! 😀

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    1. Thanks Sarah! You’re such a supportive soul! 😘😘

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  2. Congratulations on you article :). I commented on the article itself but wanted to add a big congrats here :D! I hope you’re enjoying all the posting around everywhere. I had to refollow you on my trending stories as it deleted all our followers :(, and now I can’t log in :o!
    Lol anyway hope you enjoy it all your articles just like your other creative work is amazing 😀 :):)

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    1. Thank you so much C! Articles are allowing me to share my thoughts on a wider spectrum. My blog is where I do what I love the most – my stories and poems!
      P.S. It’s nice to refer to you as C, instead of Meerkat! 😊😊

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