Day 28 – June1-30Challenge

Hello Blogging World!!

Day 28 Twenty-eight Dominoes

June 28, 1914. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, was assassinated in Sarajevo along with his wife, Duchess Sophie. This assassinated started a domino effect resulting in World War I.

There are 28 dominoes in a full set of dominoes. Do you like to play dominoes? Do you like to play games? Why or Why not? What are your favorite games? Tell us about a time you played a game with friends or family.

Or write about The Big Game from your high school or college days.

Maybe you don’t like game playing, especially in relationships. Write about that.

Alternative: Write about your favorite pizza.

Well, reading this post kind of made me hum a tune, Quit playing games with my heart…. Backstreet Boys! Goodness, some time back, I had a huge and I mean a HUGE crush on that group.

How about a poem…
Quit playing games with my heart!

Those vicious winks you threw at me,
I managed to dodge and stay free.

You kept making those attempts
I avoided those arrows you aimed.

Those chivalrous gestures, and honeyed smiles,
Somehow don’t strike to be the true you.

Don’t think you can plunder through the fort
Which I have built around my body and soul.

My body is not a play thing, to be handed down to you,
The hardened heart of mine is not softened by those warm eyes.

The territory of my heart is a threshold you cannot cross over,
So quit trying to play games with my heart!

Done with day 28! Now just two more days left for me to go with! 😁
Hope to get back soon!


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