I Wish….


Hi all..

Well this is just a small write up from me today. Hope you like reading it.

I wish…

Sitting by the shore, watching the sea waves lash its fury at the sand, I looked around. I was waiting for my friend to come. My friend, the wind was a busy entity. I knew it would come and spin me round and round till I would feel giddy. Lo! Think of her and here she is.

She was always like this. Always jovial to see me. Always showing me around and telling me stories. Stories which had not characters but real people. She would bring words she had heard, she would show me faces, so common yet so unique. The world had so many stories to tell, but no one to listen. She says people don’t listen to ease your pain, they listen to either talk behind you or to find faults with you. She and her thoughts!

Today she is sad. Something which I dread. But it happens every day. At this hour. When I asked her, she dodged it away. She can be really moody, you know. I am persistent and keep asking and this is what she came about.

She lifted my chin, and turned my head right, she showed me a young couple. Probably out on a date. She was shy and he was hesitant. Their eyes were sparkling with new found love. It was always unknown to many, where their stories  would end. Would there be heartbreak or wedding bells? Well, only time could tell. Seeing them giggle, a smile came up on my face , she called me a pervert for that!

Suddenly, she turned my face to the left. I saw a couple again. They were happy and had eyes only for each other. My friend told me their happiness was proof they were recently married. The glances they gave, the laughter they shared, was evidence enough of their love. With prayers and hopes they had begun a new life.

She pulled me ahead. We walked silently along. She tugged my hand and turned me right again. There was a family. A man and wife and little bundle all wrapped tightly in a pink blanket. Three of them so far from this world. She held the baby affectionately and carefully. He had one hand under the baby and the other on the woman’s slender waist. The family had just grown further.

We smiled and wished them all the happiness ahead. I took a few steps and looked at her. She showed me a man and wife, on my left. They were sitting together but were unaware. They were holding hands but they weren’t showing love to each other. My friend looked sad to me, I wondered why! She told me, the couple had lost their 3 year old child. He was killed in an accident. The tiny bud had neither seen nor done a thing. Some drunk lazy fellows target he became.

I knew she would stay sad if we stood there long. So I pulled her along. Far away I saw a man. All alone by himself. I knew him. My friend took me towards him and stood by my side. I saw him looking in my direction. Yet I knew he couldn’t see me. I knew why he was here. Every evening he came here, as though it was a ritual. Every time he got a red rose, his gift for me.

I saw him silently. He sighed in pain. Strange are matters of the heart. I was in another dimension yet I could feel his pain. I knew what it was doing to him. I wish I could stretch my hand and touch him again. I wish I could caress his hair. I wish I could ruffle them up and laugh as he grumbled. I wish I could tell him, to move ahead. I wish I could tell him to forget about me.

I wish I could do something to ease his pain. I wish I could! Every time I saw him, I wished I were by his side, in flesh and blood. I wish I was with him in his ups and downs. I wish I was with him to kiss him goodnight. I wish I was with him to wave him goodbye. I wish I was with him.
I wish I wasn’t haunting him.
I wish was alive and not seeing him die within, standing quietly aside.
We ended up sad, my love, my friend and I!

Thanks for reading!



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