Love You …. Miss You!


Well, today I don’t have an incident or a story for anyone. Just a little of my side, my life.

Around four years back, I had a change of job. From a lucrative MNC job, I resigned due to personal issues and joined as a teacher in a school nearby.

There I had an amazing and memorable time. I always cherish those memories. And they are so special for me. And here I met a child, a boy.

He was not very different from the rest, but something between us clicked. In 9 months he was to write his tenth class examinations. Beautiful nine months!
There were competitions held, picnics we enjoyed. Each day was unique in itself. And then one day, he made me cry.

Cry with tears of exhilaration! He called me MOTHER! I have my own kids but to be called as a mother by him filled me with a strange joy. Why? You may wonder! I have no idea. But trust me, it was similar to those days when my kids had started speaking. It was like when they had first called me MOTHER! He has his own mother, a very good lady, and I have kids of mine, but sometimes someone becomes as special as one of your own. He is that special one for me.

A very special child for me, a very special bond we share. A very unique love we have. A very beautiful relationship. We are still always in touch, though he is quite a busy boy now. Aiming to become a Chartered Accountant!

Today, no reason as such but I missed him a lot! So, today’s blog is dedicated to him! 💜💜

With lots of love and blessings for my son.
My sweet son. Love you!


3 thoughts on “Love You …. Miss You!

  1. Oh, how beautiful and special! A really amazing moment!

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