Love The Rain?


Its been raining on and off for the last few days in my city. And what a beauty it is, what a joy it is to feel and see the nature showering and cleansing the land and flora.

The first few tiny droplets of water, fell on my face making me look up at the sky. The white and grey clouds were like a ceiling on the floor of the earth. I knew they warned as they grumbled before they begin to sprinkle their contents. Looking around for shelter, I was glad as the parched land for the rains had been scarce these days.

As the clouds started sliding their zippers, the droplets grew in size and frequency. And suddenly it began to rain heavily. It was fun to watch all running helter skelter. I was standing in the balcony, watching the rain, and the chaos it created. The breeze was blowing and playing around with the drops, trying to elope as far as they could with them. It took them to those who were trying to hide. Oh no! It wasn’t going to let anyone go dry.

I stretched my right hand and felt the cold water fallen in my palm. So cool and so thrilling, it was a gift from the skies. I moved a little out and let it fall on me.
I stretched my arms wide apart, something inspired by Kate of Titanic and the famous ship scene. Only there was no Jack to hold me at the back. 😉

It was such an enthralling experience, surreal and dream-like. I always loved the rain and today was no different. It’s a different thing that I am down with a headache and a little cold!

I hope you all enjoy the rain as I had done!
Happy rains!
Take care, till we meet again!


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