Anna by Fia Essen – Review


The first word to say about Anna by Fia Essen is…. WOWWWW!!! I really had a fun filled time reading this book. Its really a great story if you are game to Chick Lit. and light hearted comedy romance.

The first page onwards the story starts unfolding making the reading enjoyable all along. Anna is a thirty year old, dumped by her boyfriend and fired from her job. She is like any other woman, trying to climb the ladder to reach the dream position. But things take a complete 180 degree turn and her life goes changes.

Alex is another adorable character, the hero of the story. He is quite complex and indecisive. And he adds more confusion to our poor Anna. Alex has his own set of issues and problems which he needs to face. Jane is the sweeeeeetest character of the book. She is such a jovial and happy person. She adds all the care, spice and fun in Anna’s life. Loved her!

After a major part of the story, comes a character, and I fell in love with that character. The situations involving this character had me in splits. I was laughing at those times. The most adorable and innocent character of the story add more fun along in the book.

Well, if you like simple, fun-filled love story, belonging to the Chick Lit genre then you should enjoy this like I did. Ask me to rate it on a 5 star scale, it would be 6 from me! 💜💜💜
I am really falling in love with this author. After Ariel, Anna was a real exciting ride! Keep rocking dear!

Enjoy reading all!



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