If You Only Knew – Review


Sometimes, you get hands on a book that changes your opinion and thoughts about life, about people and about situations. This amazingly marvellous book did just that to me!

The story is so beautifully woven around its lovable characters. It’s not about how people fall in love, it is about how love grows within. It is about how sometimes your life could be heaven and change into hellish times. It is about how life is so unexpectedly cruel at times and can be amazingly kind at other times.

The main character,for me was Jenny, so she is just so real, someone who doesn’t want to lose herself,a woman trying to move away from past but unable to do so. A woman who is strong yet so fragile. (Guess all women are!)

Then we have another protagonist, the sister, Rachel, the calmer and settled girl of the house. And her story is about how she undergoes things -heartbreak, trust-break- which change her perspective towards life. Sometimes, I feel women expect more from the people in their life and that is what is the root of all pains!

I loveddddddd Leo! He was adorably the most intriguing character of the book. The part about his life comes as a shock and makes you feel for him. It is probably one of the few times when I felt sad more for the hero than the heroine! 💖💖

Well, ask me to rate it, it gets a fulllll 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 !!!! Coz I couldn’t put my eyes/mind/heart to rest till I finished it, inspite of a lot of work on my head! 🚨
I am so ready to read more of Kristan Higgins’ work. Want to enjoy a nice life-lesson/chick lit/romance/touching story, then go for it!!



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