Day 1 – June Challenge

Kathleen Duncan has come up with a new idea, 30 days June challenge.
Each day the prompt will be shared by her. All the 30 days’ prompts have been listed on her blog. You can have a look and prepare in advance too!

I found it really interesting and decided to take it up. Somehow, June is going to be one hectic month, with the schools reopening and the Holy month of fasting, Ramadhan, approaching. This would give me a chance to post on an every day basis, even if I’m not able to think and write up anything. Check out her blog and do try to join us in the challenge!

Day 1 – Share a piece of advice!
Though I don’t think I am worthy enough to advise anyone on anything, yet there is something which came up while I thought of the advices offered to me!!

So here it is…….

Dream! If you don’t dream to achieve something, then what is going to be your reason to live?
Dream! They should make you so restless that you get up and get going instead of lazing around.
Dream! All that you achieve and learn while striving for it, will be lessons life has taught you!
To end it….


See you all tomorrow with the Day 2 prompt.
Take care. Stay happy and blessed!


8 thoughts on “Day 1 – June Challenge

  1. Wonderful advice and I completely agree :).

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  2. Welcome to the June 1-30 Challenge!

    I have a very busy month as well. That’s why I decided to post all prompts ahead of time. I didn’t think it would be fair if only I got a jump start.😉

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    1. Great thought! Hope to keep doing it! 🙂


  3. Best advice ever!!! 🙂 Looking forward to see what you make of this challenge, Syeda!! 😉 Have a lovely weekend, sweetie!!! 🙂 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤ ( Yay! I can do hearts! 😉 )

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    1. Thanks dear! Have a wonderful weekend dear. Wish I can complete this challenge and some others that I am pursuing in life successfully. Lots of love!! 😘😘

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      1. I´m sure you will, sweetie!! You´ve got so much stength in you!! Wish you a wonderful weekend, too! Lots of love!! xoxo ❤ 🙂

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      2. Thanks dear! Love and best wishes always for you! 🙂

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