Why Me! (2)


The second week of torment came to an end. And I was still the secretary-who-came-after-the-boss. Man, was it such a big crime?!!

I hurriedly returned my belongings to my purse. I turned off my computer. I had to wait for Erin to finish. What if I couldn’t come before him, but I did make it a point to leave after him. Just in case he would need my help.

I swivelled my chair and saw him doing something on his computer. He was typing hastily and thinking hard, then again typing. I wondered what was making him so nervy while he sat clicking the keys on the keyboard.

He raised his head and looked at me. I was caught again, monitoring him. Well, I wasn’t doing that, but he must have thought so. He always thought the strangest things. I smiled as though I understood his problem. Frankly speaking, I type with the same expression and hastiness when I need to mail or message my mother. And that made me think, if he is like this, no wonder his mother must be on a higher pedestal than him.

He quickly finished whatever he typed, probably clicked SEND and turned off the computer. He got up, and in a slow and graceful manner, he swirled his black coat, slipped his hands into the sleeves and the coat fit perfectly on his body. Quietly observing him was a rarity, but it created a curiosity in me. Always! He started walking towards the door of his cabin and stepped out. I was still seeing his movements, when he stood leaning on the door frame.


“Miss Anna, have you been thrown out of home?” He asked.
I couldn’t help myself and the smile escaped my lips. “What makes you think so, Erin?” I replied.
“Well, which person in their weekend mood, would sit back and watch their boss like that?” He raised an eyebrow and asked me.
“If you haven’t bothered observing, then I don’t intend to tell you,” I replied softly.
I picked up my purse, slid it on my shoulder and started walking towards the exit. The rest of the closing would be done by Peter, the helper at the office.

He was walking behind me, I could hear his footsteps. And his scent was trickling its way towards my nostrils. I hated this man, but there was a strange pull I felt towards him.
When I had stepped out of the building, I knew I had to get away from him. I wanted to go home, relax and read a book. Probably make some grilled chicken and salad for dinner and just be by myself.
Surprising right? At 30, very few women were willing to follow this schedule. But I was happy to do so! Two years back, I had split with my boyfriend of six years and after that I had lost my job. It took me months to get the secretary’s post at Starry Fashion and I had all intentions to keep it.

And truly I wasn’t ready for another new relationship where a person wasn’t willing to commit. Truth is, the moment I brought in the idea of marriage, Jason, my ex-boyfriend, felt it was not the right thing. Every thing that we did wasn’t good enough. Now, we women have good intuitions, so when I confronted him, he bluntly said that he was not ready for marriage.

Coming back to my present haunting, Unbearable Erin, was walking along. He maintained a foot’s distance from me. I am glad he did that, as it would be harder for me to control my desire to hit him.
“Erin, are you coming to my house? Uninvited??” I hissed at him, turning to face him.

He gave back an innocent and soft smile. I was really taken aback.
“I don’t intend to, but if you don’t mind it, I would love to do so!” He replied.
“What do you want?” I asked him, totally annoyed.
“Can we have dinner together?” He just blatantly put it out.
“A dinner with you?” I repeated to confirm what he had just said, with my eyebrows raised in surprise and my eyes wide open.
“Yeah! Just a simple dinner.” He answered back.
“Are you alright? Is there something wrong with you?” I asked him.
He smiled and said, “Yes, I am fine. Everything is fine Anna!”

My heart suddenly skipped a beat. My worst fears came rushing into my mind. I had to know it.
With an utterly shocked look, I asked him, “Are you going to fire me at dinner? Is that your plan? Is that why you have been a little kind to me today?”
His expressions froze for a second, and then he started laughing. Not a loud laugh, but a soft and inner laugh. I was amazed that he could laugh. Never heard about monsters laughing!

When I kept staring at him, he disclosed, “Oh. No,no Anna! I have no such plans. Why would I do that? You are the only person in that office, whom I can give orders. Why would I get rid of you!”
And then after a short pause he said something which I thought he never had observed, “And by the way, I know that you always leave after me, so that I don’t end up helpless. I do observe that Anna!”

I was filled with relief, but the reason to not fire me, still made me hate him a little more.
I knew I couldn’t escape him, and it was just a dinner he wanted to have. He didn’t look like a sadistic or a rapist kind of guy. At least I could trust him with that thing. And so I finally said, “OK. Let’s have dinner then.”

As the curve of his lips moved upwards into a smile, I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach. Did I for some reason or fraction of time start to like this man? The man, whom just a few seconds back I had hated! Just then it hit me. Maybe if I tried hard, he would stop being so tough on me. You know charm him to be sweet and nice to me.


We walked together, with an arm’s distance between us, towards the restaurant at the corner of the street. With nothing but confusion in mind, I looked at him. And he with a calm and peaceful look on his face, smiled like a person who was walking towards his destination.

(Well, I don’t know, what happens next! ‘Let’s see’, as Anna always says! :roll:)
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4 thoughts on “Why Me! (2)

  1. Going Brilliant … Waiting 🙂

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  2. This is getting more and more exciting! Moving on…


    1. On and on and on… Don’t know where to end it now! 😎

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