Why me! (4)

I was surprised to see the photograph in his wallet. Sheer shock! The girl in it was in the arms of a man, his hands at her waist, embracing her from behind. It was a blonde, smiling and happy as though she had nothing to care. The guy too had the most beautiful smile. The smile that I everyday longed to see. Yes, that was Unbearable Erin. There was a very strong connection between them. Erin was in awe with her but she didn’t have the same expressions. The feelings that Erin’s face showed were not reciprocated by her.

Now, you might wonder, what shocked me on seeing my boss have a girl’s picture in his pocket! Well, the photograph left me amazed, as the girl with golden hair, had just that one thing different from me. I have brown hair. Rest everything, her eyes, her nose, her forehead, even her lips seemed to be just like mine. It was like seeing a glimpse of myself if I planned to turn blonde.

I raised my head to see him. He was giggling like a boy who was showing porn to his friend.
“Erin? What the hell!! Who is this?” I asked him amazed.
“Stop looking like I took out the life out of you!” He said laughing.
“Stop it now. Tell me how come…” I was abruptly interrupted by him.

“How come you are so similar to that girl? Well, a fluke of nature or do you have a long lost sister? Please, don’t tell me that!” He giggled more.
Of course not! I was my parents only daughter and the other one was my brother. Then mother couldn’t conceive due to an accident which made her unable to do so!
“No. I don’t think that I ever had a sister. She would have to be a twin sister, to resemble me so much!” I snapped back, “Now tell me who is she?'”

“She is my best friend. A friend who was always there for me. She was the most special person in my life until I screwed it up!” He said, putting back his wallet in his pocket.
“What happened?” I asked. I had to know this!
“Oh it is a long story! You wouldn’t want to listen to that on a weekend night”, he remarked.
“Mmmm!” I murmured. He waved and asked for the cheque to the waiter who was around us while we had dined.

I pulled the cheque from the man. I didn’t want my boss to pay for my dinner. Erin spread out his hand and hissed,”Anna, stop fooling around. Let me pay!”
I still wasn’t ready to give it into the open palm of his. While I had a glance at the bill, he pulled away my purse from my lap. I couldn’t believe he had done such a thing. I mean that’s something that either your brother or your lover could do. Erin was neither!

“Pay with what, angry Anna?” He grinned. When I still held the cheque tightly, he started to unzip my purse. As though that was his regular habit. I quickly got my hands to it’s belt and pulled.
“Anna I won’t let it go. You will end up snapping the belt,” he said amusingly
I was helpless and with an angry look on my face, I handed over the cheque to him and he bartered it with my purse.
“That’s like a good girl!” He smirked.
I got up and started walking towards the exit.

He rushed behind me after paying the money. I was out of the restaurant and walking towards house. Well, office was at a walking distance and it also helped me save some money. He was panting when he stood in front of me. I was done with him!

“Well, Erin, dinner deal done, right?” I questioned him.
“Oh yes, but I didn’t want you to go in that mad mood of yours. You’d keep cursing me the whole weekend and I might have sleepless nights or something might happen to me!” He replied trying to breathe.
“I don’t cuss Sir! And I ain’t no witch to curse you, prince Snow White!” I was really mad, and anger made me say stupid things!

The cold breeze was around us, and I was just a few more steps away from home. I didn’t know why he wasn’t willing to leave me alone.
What were his intentions? Now I was scared. Would he force himself upon me? Would he break into my house and do wrong things to me? I shuddered.
I looked at Erin again. He was smiling and walking along.

His smile was mesmerizing. They formed dimples on his cheeks and gave a sparkle to his eyes. As I kept looking at him, I wondered which woman in her senses would have let him go!

All bias aside, Erin was one handsome man. He was broad shouldered, had big strong hands, sturdy and perfect neck to hold his head high. His jawlines, his grey eyes, his arched eyebrows, I could study him for hours. And something fluttered within me!
Anna, mad woman! Stupid! You shouldn’t think like that! It couldn’t be a fling. He is your boss and you wouldn’t want to become the gossip talk of everyone at office! My brain warned me. And I moved away my eyes from him. I didn’t know I had stopped walking while I was in my brain talk.

“Anna!Anna! What happened?” Erin’s voice made me come out of my thoughts.
“Oh! Nothing!” I replied.
“Don’t tell me, you become stoned statue once in a day! Some spell you are under? That makes you a stone after ten o’clock or eleven?” He was mocking me now.

I looked around, I had to say something else he would keep talking about witches and things which I had blurted out.
I saw a coffee shop ata distance of a few steps. “I was thinking of having a cup of coffee before going home. So you go on. I will go home after my cuppa”, I sounded genuine.

“That’s a great idea! Cmon then!” He excitedly said.
“Who is asking you to join?” My big mouth was uncontrollable tonight!
“Hey cmon, you can pay for me here! Coffee treat. Perfect return gesture!” He sneered.
What was wrong with him? He knew I would have repaid him and so he used coffee as a chance.

“Alright! Cmon let’s have. You telling me the story while we sip coffee! Deal?” I asked him.
“Hmmmm! You are really serious to know about me? Wow! That surprises me!” He replied while we walked towards the coffee shop.
“Yes! Now I know that you torture me because of the girl in that photograph. I also need to know what was the worst thing she did that you can’t tolerate someone with her face!” I replied.

While I sat on the chair at a table, a thought rose and surprised me and so I put out another question.
“I wonder Erin, if you hate or dislike that person so much to torment me for having the same face. Then why do you carry her picture in your wallet!”

He looked at me, that warmth back again in them, and he spoke very calmly, “I never said I hate her or dislike her. She is the best thing to have happened in my life. She’s been the gift of Lord for me.”
I was confused now.

He torments me for having the same face as that woman, but he regards her as a gift! Either he was insane or was out to make me one!

Who was that woman? If she was a special one for him then why this torturous attitude towards our Anna? You wonder? So do I!
Maybe in the next post Erin would talk and tell us all. Till then, have fun! Spread smiles and happiness around you.

(Well, so it turns out that this is my 100th post! Wow!! Time flew while I kept writing! Happy happy me!
Thanks to all who read or will read my work here!)


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