Why me! (3)


We were set to have a nice dinner. A nice one, with some good food. I opted for grilled chicken with salad, which was my plan to have. Erin had some steak, bread loaf and some French fries. Wequietly waited for our food. It was nice place to have a peaceful meal, though I was nervous when Erin would shed his gentleman’s skin and out would  roll the monster.

It was the first time, in the two weeks that had passed since Erin came, that we both were alone in some place. I was glad it was a public place. Then I knew I wouldn’t be subjected to any physical abuse. I know I sound as though I am exaggerating a lot about Erin, but that is how I felt with him. I felt safe at the same time I felt unsure.

Erin sat quietly, checking something on his mobile. I wanted to do the same. But I didn’t want to look like I had copied his behavior.


So I sat and started humming the Titanic song. Yes, I loved that song by Celine Dion, My heart will go on….. I had a bad habit of humming or singing when I am nervous and waiting anxiously for something.

Erin probably heard me, he looked at me and titled his head as though surprised to see me hum a song to myself. He locked his phone and kept it on the table. Ignoring him, I kept humming and looking around. The restaurant was silent, with most of the crowd partying at pubs and discothèques. People who went to restaurants like this one, on weekend eves were people who wanted some peace, and those who wanted to be away from the hustle of the younger blood.

I could feel his glaring eyes. I could feel the intensity with which he was looking at me. There was a warmth in his behavior, his voice and his eyes tonight. I looked at him and he just smiled again.
“What?? I can’t even sing a song here?” I asked snapping at him.
“I never knew you could Anna,” he replied softly.
“You know nothing about me Erin,” I reminded him.
“Neither do you”, he replied very softly.
I fell silent, I didn’t know what to say, but as usual he was the one who said the last words.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up. The grey shade seemed to sparkle in the light of the restaurant. Excitedly, he said, ” How about we learn and know about each other now Anna?”

Know each other?? Was this man going mad? Or was I going mad being around him? Why would I want to know about him? When I knew he disliked me, my work and my presence!

“And why suddenly you got this idea?” I questioned him.
“It’s simple Anna! I don’t have friends here, you don’t seem to have many either, and I feel that we both could give good company to each other!” He replied with a grin.
“But Erin, I am your secretary who always annoys you, how can I even imagine being a friend of yours!” I asked him.
“Simple, we wont tell the world about it. Just between you and me! What do you say?” He asked like a young child asking for a new toy because he did something good.

“Hmm.” I could just mumble it.
“OK. Let me start then! Hi Anna, I am Erin. I am new in this place. I work in the same office as you. I am the Unbearable Boss of my Secretary. So, will you be my friend?” He asked with an innocent smile and voice.
I couldn’t help but giggle. “That was sweet!” I said, still giggling.
“Hi Erin, I am Anna. The secretary of the Unbearable You!! I would like to think about it while you prove it to me, as to why I should be your friend and not stay miles away from you. Still I would like to give it a shot!”
We shook our hands while we giggled at our madness!


The food came, and we became more alert about our hunger when hotly prepared food and its aroma caused our stomachs to grumble.
“I have my parents, who stay in the country side. Doctors advised them, as my father is a heart patient.
I am sole child of my parents”, he said softly.
Now it was my turn.
“Well, my parents stay in this city but I prefer being on my own. They are busy in social work now-a-days. I have a brother who works for a software firm.” I replied.

While we were coming to the end of the meal, a thought kept pestering my mind. It wouldn’t rest, however hard I tried. I knew I had to be frank and quick. And so I decided, to ask it off.

“Why are you always tormenting me? Why is the gun always pointed towards me? Why me always a target of your words?”

For sometime, I didn’t know what to say! I thought I had crossed the limits. But I needed the answer.
He took the last piece of the meat and bread and kept down the spoon and fork.
“You wonder why I do that Anna? You really want to know about that part of my life? Well, isn’t a new friendship demanding a lot from me today itself?'” He smiled again.
He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out his wallet.


Next what he said and showed left me dazed if I had been right to question him and his intentions.

(Wonder what he says and shows? Keep reading fellow bloggers! 🙂 )



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