I’m abandoned (or) Am I abandoning all?

Sometimes, some things happen in life just suddenly. It happens when you least expected it to! A little comment and a small talk lead me to this beautiful person, Sarah.

Well, it is always great to make new friends. I liked one of her sketches and just an idea clicked. I told, I’d make an effort to write something on her drawing. And I was able to keep my word! It feels so exciting to do something like this! :):)

You should check out her drawings and sketches, the one that caught my attention was here 👇, titled Abandonment! Hope you like it too!

So these lines have come from there!

Looking through her posts, I came across a piece,
which told me a story, thoughts, for my mind to seize.

Walking alone on the once known track,
I feel today like a lost bird, where feelings lack.

In the darkness I move or in broad daylight,
I see all but no human in vision or sight.

They are all breathing and moving herds,
Who feel with minds, souls like caged birds.

No one to see my tears or feel my pain,
Who look at me, wishing to add onto their gain.

A body of a woman, is all what they see,
But what about the bruised side of me.

They will use and then leave me in abandonment,
For them I am not a life, but I will not lament.

I will come back here, powerful and strong,
I will walk again in here, while I sing my song.

Farewell, till then, O streets inhabited by heartless,
I am not born to live here, for I cannot be a pawn in chess!


11 thoughts on “I’m abandoned (or) Am I abandoning all?

  1. Ohh Syeda! This is just sooooooooo beautiful!!! A real Tour de Force!!! I can´t believe my painting inspired you to this soulful poetry – it feels like pure magic to me!! This is such an honour my friend, it really is!! Lots of love, Sarah:)

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    1. I am glad you liked it dear. Lots of love!! 😊😃

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      1. I loooooove it:) And I´m so glad to have met you here!!! (So far I´ve made two sketches for you poem, but am not really content with the angle…I´m going to get it right soon though, I promise!)

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      2. 🙂 same here my friend!
        Take it slow girl! I would love to see them all! 😉

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      3. I will! But I´m still so excited about this all…:)

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  2. This is beautiful Syeda. WordPress is a very inspiring place 🙂

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    1. It really is Laine. Extremely happy to have made some wonderful friends like you, who inspire me.
      Ever grateful,
      Me!! 😍😘

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  3. I reblogged this from Sarah’s site; but I just wanted to tell you how amazing this is.

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    1. Thank you so much C.M. glad you liked it my dear! 🙂

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