My wins! :)

Greetings fellow bloggers!

I have been having a real good time writing, reading, commenting and knowing some wonderful people. I am extremely lucky to have got some amazing people who are following me. So happy happy me!! 😍😂

I was given a wonderful chance to win some books. One came from Authors’ Ink Publication on Twitter, My Dream Man written by Aditi Bose. I am still to begin reading it. But I received the eBook soon from them!

Second chance was given to me by a young and budding writer, with his book, Thousand Words Left Unspoken. His Facebook page, asked participants to write a few words about love! And guess what, a little later, he asked me for the postal address. I feel it was really kind of him to send me hard copy.
Another thing that made it much more sweet, was the message he wrote in for me! Thanks Bhanu Prakash Singh. You can check his page on Facebook too! I am eager to read it.

Just too caught up with tests assessments and grades. :?:(



So, spending some constructive time here and the effects are seen all around me, I guess!
Thanks all.
Waiting for something to strike upon the idle mind of mine, to write! 😱
Lots of love to all!


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