Will love prevail?


We stand on separate sides today,
A thick wall of differences crops up to stay.
We don’t know how to bring it down,
An ocean of distrust for us to drown.
I am on this side, alone and cold,
He on the other, hard and bold.
I feel so incomplete, broken into pieces,
What can I do, that this pain ceases?

Shall I try, make an effort to return?
As my soul misses him and within I burn.
My heart tells me to forego all,
Go after him and make that call.
My mind tells me, it would be his win,
And he would punish me for my sin.
He will do the same, that he’s always done,
He won’t ever value me, for him I am an object of fun.

What should I do? Somebody tell me,
I want him, for without him, I’d be a turbulent sea.
My life without him I cannot imagine,
For I feel like a captive in “Ego” dungeon.
I want to make my heart win, as it seems right always,
So I decide to walk out of the door, apprehensive and dazed.

I open the door and what a sight before my eyes,
To see him walking in my garden, too small for his size.
He looks at me and I know, at that moment,
Times may pass, walls may form,
But our love will sustain and fight every storm.

I run into his arms with tears flowing unstoppable,
And his body embraces mine, this pain unbearable.
With the kiss of love, I surrender in this war of feelings,
Realizing, he may not tell but in love, he too is reeling!

(Image courtesy: As always Google! 😍)



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