So long, farewell!

Hi all,

It feels nice to be able to write something down without the fear of being read or being judged. It kind of gives an inner peace.

Well, today was a.strange day. I saw the girls of my school cry as it was their last day at school. Very soon they will appear for their board exams. There were smiles on faces with tears in eyes. There were dreams and wishes but also despair. There was a joy but also pain. It just show that, nothing comes without a price.

It gave me a nostalgic feeling. I still get a tear to my eye when i recall those students who left school or when i had left the school. The love and bond that you share with them makes things so difficult for a person who is their teacher. The times we spent, the smiles,
the scoldings, the proximity and the love we share, are a few things left between us, before  we separate!

I always tell myself- No!No way! I wont cry when they’ll leave. I wont shed a tear when they are going to fly away. Yet, all my resolves break. Each time it is equally painful. Rather, this year, I wasn’t among the teachers who taught the 10th classes. On the contrary, I have recently joined this school. I thought it would be a cake-walk. Surprisingly, I had teary eyes!

I need to do something about it I think! Or am I just a overly emotional person? Well, who would answer me! 😉

Anyways got to go now. Lets see what I share here when I come around next time.
Stay healthy. Stay blessed. Spread smiles.
Byeeeeee !

Reading… Kite Runner!

Recently I saw one of my students post about a book. Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini. After asking her a bit, she highly recommended me to read it. I love her for that.

Its a beautiful book among those that I have read. A book about two boys and their turmoils, their lives, their fears and weaknesses. A book that shows Afghanistan and its people’s pains and turmoils. It shows how people get oppressed by not just the Foreign forces but also about the ways your Own people.could add to your misery. It shows about the kind of evil that seems to spread around without a fear.

The book is bound to make one shed atleast a tear or sit back with a lump in throat. The pain that as kids they suffer can make you feel so sad and despair life with them. It’s certainly a must read for those who like to read simple yet strong stories.

I would suggest all to read it for once. It would really change a thought or two of yours towards life and people.

Happy reading guys and gals!

Do you read?

Hi all,

Well this is the first time I have finally managed to write a blog after thinking about it for so long! Not that it scares me but just that I felt I wasn’t ready for it yet. But sometimes you could be wrong in what you think. So with a little of anxiety and a wish to make whoever reads my work be a happy reader. I wish I can do that. That’s a dream I am going to pursue for now.

So, I love reading books. Books that make me not just feel but also take me into a world which just is not a fantasy.  So what is the criteria of selecting a book? For me just and instinctive selection works off. I am not very choosy but I am really not a Biography or Autobiography kind of person.

So, all the people out there, this is Syeda, a woman with some simple dreams and a simple wish to try to be a good writer. Wish me luck please.  Hope I will be able to do so. Take care till then. Catch you all soon.

Bye for now! 😉