A thought provoking series!

Hope you all liked my previous blog. Today, I would share something on a serious note.

Recently I saw another anime series, which really made me think of the reality and world we live in. The last blog was about an Anime series – Death Note. Today, I would like to share about one called Akame ga Kill. Many thoughts cropped up while I was watching it, so I wanted to share them here.


Akame ga Kill is a thriller and action anime. But the concepts and message it showed was something not unknown. The whole series is from the point of view of the male protagonist, Tatsumi. He is a villager, who has high hopes and dreams when he leaves the village and moves to the Imperial city. He wants to be part of the army and serve the country. He leaves the village with his friends.

He meets two young females, who literally change his life. He is shown what actually is happening in the city. He sees how the rich and elite treat the poor. They live in fortified palaces and secure homes, at the expense of the poor; treating them as toys or pawns in their hands. He meets amazing fighters or assassins, dreaded by the empire, called Night Raid. Some amazing members you would meet are – Boss, Leone, Mine, Lubb, Akame, Chelsea, Susanoo. All of them, wielding ancient relics which give them special powers to fight the empire. The army has its own soldiers and fighters who too possess different relics, which they use to fight beasts, rebels and Night Raid.


How Tatsumi fights with his own self to understand and take a side, how he searches for answers to the questions his mind and heart raise, how each person has faced injustice and suffered loss that made them rebel against their rulers, forms the crux of the story. There are some adorable characters,some deserve nothing but hatred. Some funny moments and some emotional turmoils. Some heartbreaks, some beautiful moments. If you are fine with the dressing up and a little anime mature content, then it should be fine. I was kind of not bothered by it, as the thought provoking content was much important for me. 😄

Watching this series, made me ask myself – how different was this anime/manga from reality. Looking around, we find the rich toying with the lives of the poor. We see the people killed for the slightest reasons. We see terror so widespread that people aren’t ready to fight for their rights. We find people separated as though they aren’t humans but some breed of animals. We are shown how the poor and destitute are used as guinea pigs. We see the way, people believe and see what their rulers or governments want them to see.

The refugee crisis around the world, the killings done for some personal benefits, the terror and insecurity created among the people to keep their thrones and seats safe, the dirty politics which sees no one but its gain, the way the leaders brainwash the minds of their people to make them act as they command, all these will slowly come into your mind and make you think about the world we live in. And question yourself, is this the world we want to create and give to the next generations.

A little serious one this time, couldn’t stop myself from thinking and sharing this. Ponder on this and let me know too! Take care. Stay safe and blessed all.
Lots of love
Sayonara! ☺



Let’s watch something different!

Surprise surprise! Today I am not reviewing a book or writing a poem. I am going to talk about a completely new thing. Japanese anime.

My brother always keeps telling me to watch them. I always escaped saying they are cartoons, right?
Well, I was in for surprises. When I started watching one series, I should say, it got me hooked.

Quite some time back I saw Death Note, a completely unique storyline. It is about a college student who happens (not a coincidence though) to get a notebook. Now, this is no ordinary notebook. The person who gets it becomes the owner of it. This dreadful notebook comes with a Shinigami, a spirit – quite devilish one!


Wondering what’s so special about the notebook? If the owner of the book writes down the name of a person, that person dies. If the owner writes how and when, then they die exactly in the same way. Else by a cardiac arrest in the next few seconds.

The hero, Light Yagami, now the owner, plans to rid the world of all crimes and wrongs, but then, that too means taking law into hands.

Enters, detective Lawliet, whom the world knows and calls “L”. Ohhhhh dear! 💝


How I fell for this character! His unique persona adds more to the story. You are really on a mission with these two guys. A cat and mouse race. A hide and seek game. Be ready for lots of twists and turns if you going to attempt it. Maybe heartbreak, maybe sadness, maybe grief. New idea, new themes and new characters add more to the story.

In the beginning, you kind of like Yagami but then L takes the crown! It also talks about good and bad, right and wrong. The world and how each one perceives things as they want! The series was a completed one so I watched it in a couple of days. And then began my connection with Animé.

Recently I watched another one, would love to tell you all about, the next time.
Lots of love.
Sayonara! 💜


When I See Your Face – Review


As I am on a holiday, I am able to read some books which I had on my TBR since a long time. No wonder books are a person’s best friend. If I had kept a person on hold for so long, they’d probably left me alone long time ago! 😥

So here I am ready to review a book I finished today. It’s called “When I see your face”, written by Devika Fernando.

A new author I got hold of, and I should thank my luck for it, as I really loved the book. It is a different story (at least for me 😄) and I really felt that the character of Cathy was quite a common scene where a woman tries hard to save her marriage. Every kind of abuse she endures. But there is always a limit to the amount of things that can be bore or endured. She reaches that point and leaves.

What happens next in her life, was not just beyond her imagination but mine too! She is confronted by Michael who is, let us say, an exact copy of her husband, Mark. What is she supposed to do! Why is it that the same appearance and eyes which gave her shivers of fear, suddenly seem to make her feel restless! Why does she seem to like and hate the same features at the same time! And what situations and events she faces in life, till she makes up her mind, that is what the whole story is all about!

I plan to start Rating the books I review from hereon.

So, I would rate the book on the scale of 5, and this book gets a 4!
I would really recommend it to readers who like books with twists and turns 😇
A simple and beautiful love story. If you like simple, non explicit romance ( I mean no hardcore intimate scenes etc) then this book will bring a smile on your face. Personally I felt the story ended, while I was still wishing it would tell me more.

I believe this is the author’s first book, so I am really looking ahead to read the other books of hers. Good luck to her for her future writings.

Lots of love to all.
Byeeee for now! 🙂


My trip with students!

Hello everyone!!

Hoping all have an amazing weekend. Mine started well after a terribly hectic schedule. I was too busy with the scripting of a play for the school that I work. As my previous blog had mentioned, my script could not win the school’s Director’s approval wholeheartedly, and she was insistent to do something on the Sound Of Music backdrop.

“Sound of Music” is just too amazing. I have loved it, since I saw the movie. Just too beautiful. It is no secret that the story is a complete musical and so I was quite skeptical about it. After a lot of reworking on it, I prepared a script keeping 3 of the famous songs of it. More about it later! 🙄

In this week, we had an educational trip planned to a Museum-plus-planetarium. There were different floors allotted for Science, Archaeology, Planetarium and a Dinosarium. It was the first time I had been there. And guiding the children around was fun!

We were seated in an auditorium, where they showed the researches and contributions done by India, in the study of Mars! This planet has become a new obsession for the scientists. When the room was darkened, there was re-creation of the night sky. What a sight it was! Those twinkling little stars, in the black sky, was so mesmerizing that we all had our mouths open and let out a gasp of wonder. ☺

Then we moved to the archaeology department. We saw so many artifacts, ruins of the 10th to 18th century A.D. It amazed us to see the things, like the jewellery and the pots and tools of the period of about the 13-14th century.


Then we even saw the stupas and idols carved out of rocks, doors carved out of dark wood, with such finesse that impressed us a lot.


Next spot of interest for me was the Dinosarium. There was the reconstructed skeleton of a Sauropod. So high and mighty was the structure that we were left imagining what it would be to have them around if they existed now. Kind of sent shivers down our spine!  I somehow managed to take one picture and then I was informed that we weren’t allowed to take photographs inside. Lucky me, you’d say! 😁


For lunch and a little fun and frolic, we went to a nearby Garden. We had our lunch and then the children had a lot of fun in the rides. At some point they seemed quite dangerous rides but nothing seemed to dampen the spirits of the children that day! It was a fun filled day for us and equally tiring for us.
I could click some snaps of the beauty around, which I would love to share here!




So, that was how the week went by! Hope you had a nice time reading my experience.
Have a blessed day and week ahead. 👍
Ciao for now! ✋


Wonder what you bring, O October!


Have you had days when you are so utterly confused and disturbed at the same time? Well, today was such a day for me. Strange things have happened today which have saddened and un-nerved me. It might not have been so bad, but I being quite an emotional person seem to feel an extra bit about it.

First things first, early morning I was too exhausted as I had to ready the reports of my students (oh did I tell you, I am an English teacher at a school) as today was their Report Discussion. Usually I am the one who does it at the earliest, but this time, my work stayed incomplete till the end because of another teacher! I was on this task till 1 a.m. last night. How annoyed I felt! 🙅

So, I woke late, and ended up being late to workplace. Next was a meeting with the management to discuss the drama which I was readying since last week. I had redone the play Androcles and the lion by George Bernard Shaw. I had spent weekends working on it and they decided it was not apt for school kids. I had visualized it in my mind, but that doesn’t work I guess. So now I have to look for a new play. And there goes my weekend! 💔

The day at school ended with discussions with my students’ parents. Returned home late. 😈

The toughest thing to bear is to see your friends messing up everything. Connected to the WiFi and was having a little chat with my brothers. While on the other group I was with my friends. Suddenly a remark became an argument, and that went on to become a mess. Result, they left the group one by one!

Its really heartbreaking when issues crop up between people. It can have two consequences. Either the bond gets stronger or people end up being strangers. Just a change of a single letter but extremely contradictory. I wish it is the first one for us. 🙏

It’s still a few hours for 1st October to end, and I am apprehensive of what more it might bring!

With hope and prayers, I wait.
Ciao for now.


My Soul Cry! – Poetry by me


Spreading about my wings, I could see the earth,
Rising above the horizon, I feel like a new birth.

The green grass looks like it just opened its eyes,
Murmuring to themselves, slowly as dew on them dries.

The wind blows over them as if whispering slowly,
To each blade of grass, wishing it sweet morning softly.

The little flowers dance about, swinging happily,
As though playing among themselves joyfully.

Breaking away from the shackles, I need to end this,
I have to see the world, I needed to live in bliss.

The colorful rainbow, the extravagant meadows,
The sunflowers, tulips, orchids and roses in rows.

The gurgling and gossiping streams and rivers,
Spreading the word around and covering all with glitters.

Make me fly, O wind, take me away with you,
Show me the world,let me live anew.

I ain’t born to be enclosed or encaged, imprisoned,
I am meant to live, to fly and miles to ascend.

I am meant to go beyond your thoughts and imaginations,
I am meant to live and love beyond your restrictions.

I am your soul, your inner self, your spirit,
I am meant to be enriched and developed, not left decrepit.

Take care of me, lest I leave your body and go,
I am born for the zeniths, not stay low!


If You Only Knew – Review


Sometimes, you get hands on a book that changes your opinion and thoughts about life, about people and about situations. This amazingly marvellous book did just that to me!

The story is so beautifully woven around its lovable characters. It’s not about how people fall in love, it is about how love grows within. It is about how sometimes your life could be heaven and change into hellish times. It is about how life is so unexpectedly cruel at times and can be amazingly kind at other times.

The main character,for me was Jenny, so she is just so real, someone who doesn’t want to lose herself,a woman trying to move away from past but unable to do so. A woman who is strong yet so fragile. (Guess all women are!)

Then we have another protagonist, the sister, Rachel, the calmer and settled girl of the house. And her story is about how she undergoes things -heartbreak, trust-break- which change her perspective towards life. Sometimes, I feel women expect more from the people in their life and that is what is the root of all pains!

I loveddddddd Leo! He was adorably the most intriguing character of the book. The part about his life comes as a shock and makes you feel for him. It is probably one of the few times when I felt sad more for the hero than the heroine! 💖💖

Well, ask me to rate it, it gets a fulllll 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 !!!! Coz I couldn’t put my eyes/mind/heart to rest till I finished it, inspite of a lot of work on my head! 🚨
I am so ready to read more of Kristan Higgins’ work. Want to enjoy a nice life-lesson/chick lit/romance/touching story, then go for it!!