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Today I’m here with a book review. Being a bit under the weather and working on some editing projects, I was looking for a light read and this one was suggested or came into my view via my friends on Arudhaa. So, here I am reviewing this book!

The book is The Aravalli Princess by Arti Rai.




Troubled by her father’s stubbornness and conservative temperament, the spirited young woman Sukanya desperately wants to run away from her dad’s villa. To find a way out she enrols in a postgraduate course in travel and tourism. With her all weather friend Ailsa Smith, she meets an American writer and businessman, Eric, at Jaipur Literature Festival in a comedy of errors.

Eric recognises her talent and inspires her to write a novel as a means to be famous and thus earn freedom from her dad’s castle. The Aravalli Princess is a saga of a budding writer , adventure , ambition and friendship.


Well, the first thing that make me go for this one was its cover! I liked the simple and attractive cover and felt that it was just the kind of light reading I was looking for. Though a 210 page book, the book doesn’t feel heavy for a fast reader like me.

The story revolves around a father-bugged daughter Sukanya and her attempts to gain freedom and independence. Belonging to Jaipur, the protagonist looks for chances to break her father’s rules and does everything he said not to! That was quite a rebellious character. She is helped by her aunt and her friend. Both these female characters bring in some love and joy in Sukanya’s otherwise boring life.

A chance meeting with Eric at the Jaipur Literature Festival changes a lot of things for Sukanya. Her horizon and ideas take leaps and she finds herself caught between the ideas and perceptions of life. While her father wants to keep her dependent on him and restricts her at every opportunity, Eric brings in the independence and freedom Sukanya has been vying for.

Things take twists and turns when Sukanya’s father wants to take the biggest decision of her life while she is fighting with her emotions and feelings for Eric. When she expects him to understand things, Eric shocks her with his perception about certain things in life. And that is the last nail in the coffin for Sukanya.

What does Sukanya want from her life? What makes Eric so wary of taking the relationship ahead? Why does life give you everything and then snatch it away? Will Sukanya ever be able to be happy? What is she looking for in life?

All these and many other answers can be found in the pages of the book!

On the whole, a good, light-hearted story, written well. The author has described the locations and places of Jaipur very well, it will surely make you wish to visit the place some time soon. The book would have benefited further if the other characters were also worked upon. The father-daughter relationship could have been brought to a proper closure or better treated.

Rating: 3.5/5

So, friends that’s it for now from me! I hope to be back soon with something else that I can share.

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