This is one of the most amazing projects I had undertaken while being the editor for the Woven Words Publishing House. It was published and came into the market in August 2017.

A compilation of poems, articles and short stories, it had a large group of authors and poets in one place. With names of published authors and poets like Dr. Roopleen, Ashi Kalim, Ruchika Rastogi, Sneha Pandey and many others, this one truly belongs in your bookshelves.


This is the 70th year of Indian Independence and in these years many advancements have taken place, making India one of the largest economies in the world. But the nation has still maintained a snobbish attitude towards the development and rights of women.

In ancient times, women were respected and believed to be deities. Sadly, today they are raped, harassed and their rights are suppressed. Indian parents, however educated they might be, still nurture the idea that girls are born to be good housewives and try to make them mentally ready for it. They think it would be a sin if they don’t give away their daughter’s hand in marriage. No wonder, there is no one to think how a girl feels.

Is she born to be a slave? Doesn’t she have any right to enjoy freedom? Can’t she marry the man of her own choice? Some don’t have answers to these questions. While the remaining aren’t ready to accept the answers.

Elysian Tales is a collection of poems, short stories and articles that talk about how women feel and what we are missing today. It is an effort to tell that Feminism isn’t about superiority but about equality. The sons of the nation need to rise up and realise that it’s time to actually save our daughters.

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