One of the books which landed into my hands for editing was Life’s like her Bangle by Jeevan Yadaw. This project came in from Satr (part of Woven Words Publishing House).

Falling into the Romance genre, the story moves between friendship and love, joys and sorrow. The writer makes good use of imagination and sets up the story and develops the characters of the story. If you’re in for a Bollywoodish kind of romance, do give it a try!

About the author:

Jeevan is a small town entrepreneur with big dreams. By the day he is a regular guy while at night he’s a guy with the knack for creativity. His work allows him to encounter people from all walks of life and share experiences. He has been inspired by movies and books throughout his life. His love for Bollywood and drama inspired him to be a writer. His other works include 42 Days Hindi and A Jewel in the Lotus.


“I had urged her to put something in my aquarium as her memory. She pulled out a bangle off her wrist, tied it to a thread and hanged it in the water. That was a very sweet gesture of hers.

“Pakhi, my life is exactly like this bangle. Like a bangle begins from a particular point and ends at that same point, my life too starts with you and will end up at you someday.” Those were my words.

I had said it casually, completely unaware about the power of spoken words and that, those words were going to be the same in my life and one day my life would finish with the name of Pakhi. I was smiling that moment which now seems to have disappeared permanently from my life…..

Experience the 16 year journey of three friends and a girl. Witness what happens when infatuation turns into love, love turns into pain, pain turns into curse and curse turns into life.

For me…Life is like her bangle.

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