What if? – Poetry

Standing by the window

I look across the waves

See them rising and falling

Coming forth and receding.

Questions rise, like them,

In my mind constantly

Leaving my heart restless

And my soul in a dilemma.

Why didn’t I stay?

Why did I walk away?

What if I had tried harder?

What if I hadn’t let you go?

Would you have made efforts too?

What had made you change?

What if I had never let you go?

But now I feel it’s too late!

What if I had taken that step back?

What if I had stood by your side?

What if I had tried a little more?

But now, I guess, we’ll never know!




3 thoughts on “What if? – Poetry

  1. Beautiful words so well articulated Syeda and an apt picture too od wondering did I do the right thing or not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it.


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