The Jasmine Bloom by Rajat Narula – Book Review

Hello everyone,

I am back again with a review. This is a book which I picked up recently and I must say it was a decision I don’t regret. The book up for review today is The Jasmine Bloom by Rajat Narula.

Book #1


Sameer Chadha is in a mid-life crisis – unhappy with everything around him, even his name. His corporate career is languishing and he is increasingly alienated from his family. His wife Kavita, is a part-time poet and a full-time mother, lives more in the past than the present.

When their lives collide with that of Ritu, a younger woman coping with an abusive husband and an autistic son, a chain of events gets triggered that puts all their lives into a tailspin.

The Jasmine Bloom is a story of lust, love, ruin and resurrection. It is a commentary on the fragility of modern family life; of terrible secrets and shocking choices. However, at its core, it is the tale of a man learning to be happy in the here and now.

The story of Sameer, Kavita and Ritu is one eye-opening reality. It does bring out the kind of society and world we are living in. It makes us – in a way – face the issues that seem to be cropping everywhere, in most of the workplaces, homes, relationships and people around us. It talks about love, peer pressure, greed, desires, corporate struggles and lust in a very open way.

Sameer is a protagonist whom you’d love and hate at the same time. I felt he was a complex character which got carried away by the situations and the people around. Sometimes he is a man who doesn’t know what he is getting into and sometimes he knows what’s forbidden yet gets lured into it. He represents the unclear and adamant nature prevalent these days, where it is important to gain something; how it is done, doesn’t matter.

Ritu and Kavita are two women who are poles apart, but then they are so alike when it comes to their relationships and children. While Ritu manages to end her turmoil, Kavita (my personal opinion) ends as the quiet and wronged character. I felt she could have been written more about.

The story is well-written. It kept me interested all along. The characters were well created and they didn’t seem like God-ly or un-humanistic. They had their flaws and insecurities and that made the story relatable. Just that I wished to know Kavita more! 🙂

I would give this one a 4 star rating! I would recommend it to those who are into some practical, contemporary fiction novels.

What have you been reading as the first week of 2018 came to an end? Do let me know!

Lots of love and best wishes,



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