The Aravan Head by Arvind Narsima – Book Review

Hi all!!

How is life moving for you? At my side, life is busy throwing lots of stones, rocks and bombs! First my husband fell extremely sick, and since the Eid ul fitr, it has been my father in law. Please do remember me and all of us in your prayers.

To keep myself a little away from those thoughts I had started reading the new book that landed in my hands thanks to the review club. It is titled The Aravan Head, written by Arvind Narsima.

The book is provided by Arudhaa Club in exchange for a genuine review.


A politically driven criminal syndicate tries to steal a valuable ancient artifact, The Aravan Head, from a very old temple of the transgenders in Hijravan. Police officer Arya foils the well planned attempt. The incident unfolds a deadly secret that connects to a series of mind-boggling crimes which points to an unlikely person of tremendous authority in the political and business circles of Mumbai. With his friends kidnapped, his own people involved with the criminals and himself facing departmental enquiry, Arya is strangulated from all sides.

Meanwhile in Delhi, 4 college girls, fed up with the canteen food, hire a cook. While they expect an old, typically professional person, they are in for a great surprise that leaves then sweetly shocked. But the surprise is short lived after a beautiful transgender arrives at their bungalow revealing secrets that baffle them. Unfortunately the lives of the 4 girls become a nightmare along with that of the transgender.

Did Arya arrest the main perpetrator behind all the crimes? What dangers did the transgender bring to the girls? Did they survive the deadly situation they were pushed into? What price did Arya pay to win?



That was what came out of me when I turned over the last page of the book. Truly speaking the cover and the blurb had caught my eye. And that made me pick this book for reading and reviewing.

The blurb told that it was a thriller and trust me you have no idea how madly I get engrossed when I am reading a thriller or suspense novel. And upholding my record for reading fast paced thrillers intact, I finished the book in one day. Yes! A 200 plus pages book I finished reading in a day.

The story and the plotline were quite well crafted and it had held my interest for the whole time. The thrill of following the police officer Arya in his endeavors keeps you on your toes. The characters are slowly revealed and they are well developed. The undeniable atrocities we see around us and the corruption and evil ways spread around us are well incorporated in the story.

The fight of an honest, hardworking and dedicated police officer against the system, the corrupt members within the department and the ruthless mafia provides the ray of hope to the darkness around. The background story of the Aravan head and the village of Hijravan make the story line all the more enchanting.

When a practical minded police man meets a soft spoken girl, her trustworthy friend and a couple of girls who live to eat, life seems different from his routine work. But then hell starts breaking loose around him. A hell that seems to be uncontrollable by him. Does he manage to end the inferno around? Does he get the justice he has been striving for? Is he able to complete his mission? Does he come out unscathed by the fury of the hell he had stepped into?

Well, the only place where I wasn’t too happy was the end. I wished there was more to the story and the evil forces were brought out and massacred as they had done with the weak and innocents. I really hope Arya will be back soon and with the same zeal and power that he always had. Though my heart goes out to him. Well that’s the effect Arya has had on me. Another fictional character whom I have fallen for.

**Oh! I keep falling for these men of books very often! 😍😘 What about you all?

So The Aravan Head scores a 4 star from me! 

Don’t forget to order this book here.

Stay happy and blessed!



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