37+ Grace Marks by Vishal Anand – Book Review

Hello everyone…

Long time since I made a post on my blog here, right? I know but couldn’t help it. My exams started on June 1st and I had prepared little. So spent most of my time studying, hope my result comes out good.

I am back today with the review of a book I had managed to finish last night. Took me quite long for I was reading it quite slowly! The book to be reviewed by me today is 37+ GRACE MARKS by VISHAL ANAND.

The book is provided by Arudhaa Club in exchange for a genuine review.



What happens when you fall in love at first sight? That too in college, which is supposed to be the best time of one’s life. But is it the best place to find love too?

Viraj falls head over heels in love with his classmate Nimisha, who could make boys on campus go crazy. While his friends Punit and Sahil just want to have fun – despite poor mark-sheets, grace marks to pass, and other everyday adventures – Viraj wants more from his life and love.

Life has led Viraj to the edge of a cliff. He has a choice to make – to forget everything and jump, or fight.

What brought him here? An unrequited love, encounters with law, or the dilemma of grace marks? Where does Viraj’s story eventually end?

Welcome to 37 + Grace Marks, Viraj’s journey to discover that there is more to life than marks.


The story is of a young college going guy, Viraj, whose life seems all set as he joins an engineering college (I don’t get it! Why do most of the stories have the setting of an engineering college? Don’t others go to college too?) Anyway, things change for him when he falls in love, at first sight with a confident, pretty girl named Nimisha.

Life isn’t a bed of roses is what Viraj learns slowly as his semesters pass and things go awry between Viraj and Nimisha. Examinations, friends, seniors, professors and all the other details of college life are part of the story.

The plot has become quite redundant these days with nearly every other writer using the Engineering college backdrop. The struggles of a college student and the falling in and out of love, has been narrated in this book. The story starts quite slowly and as it starts interesting you, it rushes towards the end.

On the whole, if you are looking for a light read, you could give this book a chance. It is a simple story of simple, real people and could be the events of someone you could relate to.

So, that’s about the book!! You can order it here on Amazon.

Keep reading, keep smiling!




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