Known Love from You! –  Poetry!

Hello everyone! 

How is all at your end? All’s well at my end except for the abundance in work. It just seems to increase more and more! 😮😅😩

So, here I am with another little poem of mine. A rather impulsive one I wrote. Do share your thoughts about it!
Known love from you!

When all roads seem too difficult

Too rocky and turbulent to pass,

You walked in, unexpectedly

And held my hand firmly!

Joining me in this tumultuous journey

Lending your arms when I stumble

A shoulder to vent out my pain

And at time enduring my rage!

Though I met you later in life,

I feel I’ve always known you, all along,

As a body is made alive by its soul

You breathed life in my dead existence!

Stay with me, don’t abandon me

Your presence is the adhesive 

Conjuring the broken pieces of myself,

Love me forever, for I’ve known love from you!

So, that’s about it! It’s quite late here now so off I go to sleep! 

Lots of love and best wishes too all….

Syeda 😘😘😘

9 thoughts on “Known Love from You! –  Poetry!

  1. ” Let me walk you home, I’ll be the perfect gentleman making you laugh till the journey ends.
    Let me hold your hand by your door, it’ll be gentle, beautiful and deep submerging you in the depths of my passion till you come up with desire to not leave.
    Let me into your heart, I’ll be the most amazing drug or cup of coffee pumping through your veins till I am diffused through out your body.
    Let me into your life, I’ll be your guardian angel, your companion along life’s path till our life’s journey ends”.

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    1. That’s lovely!! Thanks for such a beautiful reply 😄😊

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      1. Well.. it wasnt just a reply thou..😉

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      2. Haha..ikr, was js kidding.
        Thank you for liking the comment Ms. Enchanting writer, or Poet if i have to say..😊

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      3. Always good to spread some smiles! 😜
        Thank you for being so kind with the titles.. Still gotta learn a lot.😄😄

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  2. If u gotta learn then i still got a begin..


  3. 😍just wanted to say that the feelings I had while reading this is awesome
    This made me a huge fan of you.

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