The Little Bird Who Made Me Think!

So I am back with a little poem of mine! Hope you all like it. I really hope to get some feedback, as I tried my hand at something different this time! Here it goes. . .

A few days back, marching tirelessly

In the examination hall, observing vigilantly,

My eyes fell on a little shadow stuttering

Proudly on the window sill, cooing.

At first I thought my eyes were tired

And showing me things that weren’t.

Stretching the eyes wide open, I stared

At the little bird that strutted uncared.

Was it a bigger crow?

It seemed so, but my eyes screamed ‘No!’

Was it a dirtied pigeon, who’d played

Or jumped into some swamp as he was dared?

But lo, it walked again to and fro,

The little gait reminded me of a pigeon not a crow!

A blackie, coal black pigeon, my sight beheld

And while my eyes wondered at it, my mind questions held.

Was it the result of the love between those two kinds?

Or was it a she-pigeon who lost her heart to a crow unkind?

Was it the gift of love, before they got separated?

Or was it their offspring after they eloped?

Was it some handsome Casanova-ish crow

Who broke the heart of the innocent, left her in sorrow?

Or was it due to a gang who left its mother molested?

Blamed it for ‘being a female, improperly dressed’ and raped?

Suddenly it spread its wings and flew away, 

showing me it was equipped to fight what in future lay!

I wondered if it too was subjected to prejudices,

Did the animal world share the humanly vices?

The little bird knew not what it made me think.

Filled me with ideas, so my pen bled some ink!


15 thoughts on “The Little Bird Who Made Me Think!

  1. This is such an amazing piece, full of profound context and innovative approach. ❤
    I just wish that animals' world doesn't hold the prejudices of humans' world. If not us, at least, certain category of living beings should be leading a life free of hypocrisy..

    Liked by 1 person

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