A Girl in Love With a Beggar by Anuj – Book Review 

Hello everyone!

Back after a little busy schedule, I have another book review to share with you all. It is a book titled ‘A Girl in Love with a Beggar’ by Anuj.

The cover is really an eye catching one, I must say!

Book blurb:

“A philosophical love story telling the life stories of two soulmates…”

She wants to know on what basis life is measured; is it on the basis of sacrifice you made to make people happy around you or on the basis of fights you fought to get the things that made you happy. And the question is what the limit to this sacrifice or to this fight is?

He wants to relinquish this world. He wants to die. He has reached the place where dreams end and desires die. Where questions become unworthy of answers. Where life becomes dear and death becomes new life.

They shared life. They shared fate. The become each other’s moksha. They fall in love to complete each other. They fall in love to play their part in this eternal game.

Sometimes some stories have a storyline which makes you wonder if that is a huge leap of faith. I mean, given by the title you’d wonder – a girl falling in love with a beggar? A penniless poor beggar? Unbelievable isn’t it? But that’s what writers do! They make you think and imagine the unthinkable and unimaginable.

We have our heroine named Shona ( yeah that’s the name) who is standing on the edge of the wall on the 21st floor. Undecided and frustrated. Ready to plunge? Why? And then we are taken back in time.

A doctor by profession she is a simple girl. She feels drawn to the music she hears while commuting back home from her clinic. The music of the flute is working like magic on her and following the sound she reaches to the source of the melody. 

It’s a dirty, unkempt and unbelievable sight! She sees a beggar sitting near the metro. There sparks fly and things take turns. We are introduced to Kabir, the man who is distraught and depressed at the ways of the world. He is just awaiting Death. Why is he willing to embrace death which people are always running away from?

Religion and status in society, act as the villians here and time is brought back to Shona standing on the edge thinking of where her next step will land her. What happens? Does Kabir live or is death his companion? Why does he wish or long for death? What is the reason of his state? What is he looking for? How does Shona fit into his plan? What will happen to them? All these answers lie in the pages of the book!

The story did intrigue me to read till the end. Yet sometimes it seemed like a self-help or a preachy one. 

I would give it a 3.5/5 rating. 

I have already read the next book by the same author and will be sharing the review soon. 

Hope to be back soon with the book review and write up something of mine to share with you lovely people out there!

Lots of love and best wishes!



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